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4 Common Challenges Interior Designers Face in Home Theaters

Plus, How You Can Prevent These Pitfalls Next Time

4 Common Challenges Interior Designers Face in Home Theaters

Are you being tasked to design a brand-new home theater in your client’s house in the Metro Atlanta area? Residents find so many benefits to a media room of their own, including privacy, optimization of acoustics and video quality and so much more.

Installing a media room brings its own set of challenges for homeowners when they’re investing in not only technology but also design. The home theater experts at Digital Interiors are here to help you exceed your client’s interior design expectations.

So, what do you need to know? What common interior design mistakes do our team of home theater installation and design experts observe in home cinemas, and how can you prevent those pitfalls during your next project here in Metro Atlanta?

We explore the answers below.

TAGS: Home Theater Company | Home Theater Design | interior design

How Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Speakers Elevate Interior Design Projects

Give Your Clients a Sleek Look and a High-Performance Sound System

How Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Speakers Elevate Interior Design Projects

If you’re an interior designer and are tasked to craft or renovate a space in the Buckhead, GA area that features not only a high-performance stereo system but also a sleek, modern look – you might think it’s an impossible challenge.

Some high-performance speaker systems require separate amplifiers to power them, meaning those black boxes likely cause interior design headaches for you.

That’s why Digital Interiors is proud to be Metro Atlanta’s premier Bang & Olufsen dealer.

Their top-of-the-line BeoLab speakers have the ideal features that will elevate and enhance your interior design projects and still deliver high-fidelity sound throughout any listening space for even the most discerning audiophile.

Below, we explore the best features of two of the best-in-class BeoLab speakers – the BeoLab 50 and the BeoLab 90 – and explain how they can complement and even enhance your projects.

TAGS: Bang & Olufsen | High-Performance Audio | Interior Design

Flush-Mount Installation: The Best Solution for Sleek Shading

Explore How Your Home Can Showcase Elegant Window Treatments

Flush-Mount Installation: The Best Solution for Sleek Shading

If you want a sleek interior design for your Buckhead, Georgia home, you likely wouldn’t be a fan of the mounts for your window treatments protruding from the wall.

Not only would they be an eye-sore, but they would disrupt the overall flow of the design of your space.

Here’s how you can avoid the hassle of shades interrupting your room’s interior design: Consider a flush-mount installation for your window treatments.

How might that affect your space? Just keep reading to find out.

TAGS: Flush-Mount Installation | Interior Design | Lutron shading

Is Technology Ruining Your Design Project? Here’s the Solution

Smart Tech Blends in Thanks to Hidden Devices and Flush-Mount Installation

Is Technology Ruining Your Design Project? Here’s the Solution


Do you know why male peacocks are so colorful? They use their big, bright tails to attract mates. For peacocks, showier feathers mean he’s more handsome.

But there’s an obvious drawback to being highly visible. Sure, he can attract mates, but he can also attract predators.

To remain hidden from danger, peacocks can retract and condense their plumage. That keeps them safe so they can save their feathers for date night. It’s the perfect blend of style and function.

TAGS: hidden technology | interior design | lunch and learn