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Why We Prefer Bang & Olufsen For High-Performance Audio

Get Spectacular Sound from Metro Atlanta’s Luxury Audio Dealer!

Why We Prefer Bang & Olufsen For High-Performance Audio

Whether you’re a movie buff or audiophile, you’ll know the difference between mediocre and truly high-performance audio quality as soon as you hear it. From stunning wallscapes like the BeoSound Shape to architecturally designed floor speakers like the BeoLab 90, Bang & Olufsen ensures the most exceptional listening for your Metro Atlanta or North Georgia home.

Crafted by hand, every B&O speaker delivers impeccable, multi-channel audio features that also fit your interior design needs. As a proud Bang & Olufsen dealer, we at Digital Interiors have been incorporating its high-end speakers in our audio projects in the Atlanta area to help elevate entertainment and music throughout your home. We even have a dedicated section of our showroom for B&O products.

Keep reading to see why we recommend their high-performance speakers to residential customers like you.

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Exceptional 2-Channel Sound

Also called “stereo” sound, 2-channel audio involves two speakers positioned close together, usually facing the listener, that create a concert-like listening experience.

Did you know that most music recordings are created in 2-channel formats? That explains why we frequently recommend 2-channel speakers for our clients’ dedicated music rooms -- they bring you that live-music sound just as it’s meant to be heard.

Though 2-channel audio sounds impressive through a turntable, not everyone enjoys collecting and playing records. Lucky for the modern audience, you can also connect speakers to your favorite streaming services.

What should you buy for this concert experience? We recommend Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 50 (pictured above), for starters. With a retro-looking combination of aluminum and warm oak surfaces, it provides equal parts beauty and power. The acoustic lens atop the speaker can tailor the sound to where its listeners are as well as the room size.

We love B&O not only because it offers a variety of 2-channel speakers but also because its powered speakers are carefully crafted to reproduce audio in a high-fidelity format. If you are looking for genuinely high-performance stereo speakers, there is no better option than Bang & Olufsen’s speakers.

Multi-Room Audio Solutions

Bang & Olufsen doesn’t just offer high-performance stereo speaker solutions. The brand also specializes in high-end wireless multi-room audio systems. Choose from dedicated multiroom speakers such as the BeoSound 1 or the BeoPlay A9. Or, after adding a BeoSound Core to your 2-channel audio setup, you can even use your stereo speakers to hear beautiful sound throughout the whole house.

You can control your multi-room audio system through Bang & Olufsen’s dedicated mobile application. You can even create customized listening zones so that you can play something party-worthy on the patio and relaxing in the kitchen.

Smaller Spaces, Superior Sound

Many Atlanta residents – especially those who are in the Midtown area – live in luxury condominiums instead of houses. The potentially smaller square footage should never mean compromising sound.

Disregard the myth that you have to use several amplifiers to power your high-performance audio. With B&O, amps are built into every speaker, so you won’t have to worry about extra equipment.

Further minimizing? Popular Bang & Olufsen designs such as the BeoLab 18 also come in wall-mounted models that declutter valuable floor space.

Even if you don’t have space for a dedicated audio room or theater, any room where you enjoy music would benefit from in-ceiling and in-wall designs like the Celestial and Palatial, respectively. Digital Interiors can take a close look at your home’s acoustics and optimize your sound quality through strategic speaker placement.

Ready to experience Bang & Olufsen in your North Georgia home?

Contact us to learn more or visit our showroom to experience the difference of impeccable audio for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

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