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Each Bravas design partner helps create the best experience possible in your space. Our studio design approach puts technology to work for you. We create it with you. We apply the best workmanship in coordinating its installation. And in the end, we deliver a reveal and service ethic second to none.

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It’s Back to School Time


Unbelievable as it is, it is that time again to get the kids up and out the door early in the morning to go back to school. No more sleeping in and waking up whenever they please! For some parents waking up to get their kids ready for school is no big deal, as they normally get up early to go to work. And for others it can be just as jolting for back-to-school time as it is for the kids!

Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Georgia, has a home automation feature to help your family out during this new morning transition. As you may already know, home automation is designed to make your life easier, without unnecessary or difficult to use technology. At Digital Interiors we create custom home experiences to enhance your lifestyle by customizing presets for the technology controlled by your integrated home automation system.

For example, one of our custom experiences is called, “Good Morning.” This customer experience is perfect for your back-to-school transition. It works like this: 30 minutes prior to your alarm clock going off, your system will set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and turn more bathroom floor heater on. Then a few minutes before your alarm goes off, your lighting system will gradually fade up your bedroom lights, turn on your bathroom lights, and will even disarm the security system so you can let your pet go outside (if you have one). Think how pleasant waking up early to get your kids ready for school would be with these features.

Of course all of these custom experiences can be tweaked to fit your lifestyle, but the point is to help you in any of your daily transitions from waking up, to entertaining, to activating your security when you hear a “bump in the night.” If you would like to explore your options with our custom experiences, please contact us at Digital Interiors by calling 770-844-5800. We wish you and your family the best during this back to school transition!

**New to Georgia or unsure about when your local schools start back? Check out this list from WSBTV to see local start dates for area counties.**

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