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Do Indoor Displays Fit Your Outdoor TV Installation Needs?

Let’s Talk About Indoor vs. Outdoor TVs and Which Type We Recommend

Do Indoor Displays Fit Your Outdoor TV Installation Needs?

As the weather warms and we enjoy longer days in our Atlanta-area homes, we start thinking of spending more time outdoors. If you’re dreaming of patio parties, poolside BBQs or relaxing evenings outside with family, Digital Interiors knows that you want to elevate your outdoor space with some form of entertainment.

Many families want to catch all the action of their favorite sports events, TV shows and movies from their balmy porches, patios and sunrooms. We can perform an outdoor TV installation over your pool or jacuzzi so you can enjoy the action from anywhere.

In this blog, we’ll explain the differences between TVs that were made for outdoor spaces and how even the most durable indoor TVs don’t quite measure up, so keep reading.

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Indoor TVs, Outdoors

We’ll be honest: We can’t recommend indoor TVs for outdoor use, no matter how durable they are. Why?

TVs are incredibly sensitive to heat and simply can’t withstand a Georgia summer. For example, most TVs are only safe to store around 115 degrees Fahrenheit, while outdoor TVs can play your favorite media seamlessly -- around 30 degrees higher.

Additionally, indoor TVs are not meant for permanent outdoor application. Not only are they significantly less bright than their outdoor counterparts, meaning that it will be harder to see what’s on your screen when you’re watching outside; they also aren’t waterproof or insect proof. In short, we regret to inform you that Georgia elements can severely damage your indoor TV.

Why take a chance on such a substantial investment, even if you plan to place your screen in a fully shaded outdoor area? Keep reading to see why we suggest dedicated outdoor TVs instead.

Outdoor TVs

We highly recommend TVs explicitly made for outdoor spaces: We’ve heard too many horror stories of indoor TVs getting destroyed by weather elements like rain or extreme heat. Outdoor displays are not only weather resistant but reinforced by durable, weatherproof cabling and accessories.

Our outdoor TV partner, SunBriteTV, creates bright, backlit LED and LCD display panels that cancel out distracting sunlight – with some models up to three times the brightness of indoor screens. Even better, you can choose from models that are meant for full-light, partial-light and shaded applications so that you can select the perfect one for your outdoor living space.

SunBrite leaves no details to chance when protecting your outdoor TV against all environments. For example, their weatherproof displays are designed with an aluminum casing to keep both water and insects out. Similarly, their internal fans and heaters regulate the TV’s temperature in both winter and summer climates.

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