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Each Bravas design partner helps create the best experience possible in your space. Our studio design approach puts technology to work for you. We create it with you. We apply the best workmanship in coordinating its installation. And in the end, we deliver a reveal and service ethic second to none.

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Pima Cinema Is The Best!

Get THe A-List Celebrity Treatment With Digital Interiors

Pima Cinema Is The Best!

Since 2010, Georgia has been the 4th largest film industry among U.S. states, and it is no wonder. With our beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and tax breaks for filmmakers, it is a natural choice when deciding on a location for a movie. This does present one problem for the actors and actresses in these films, however: where are you going to watch your film the day it debuts? You cannot go to a theater: you will be mobbed by fans.

You do not have to be a celebrity to watch movies the day the debut in theaters! Digital Interiors is proud to offer PRIMA Cinema, which is great if you are an A-list celebrity or an A-list mom. With PRIMA Cinema, you can watch Hollywood films the day they come out in theaters from the privacy of your own home. If you are in the Southeast, look no further than Digital interiors to get you own PRIMA Cinema experience.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever been late to a movie? If you miss the opening scene, you cannot do anything about it. You either have to pay for another movie ticket, rent it when it comes out, or buy it, but with PRIMA, you have full control of when, and how you watch any movie. You are in full control. With PRIMA CInema, you will get films with quality better than Blu-ray, and digital master theatrical surround sound. Imagine being able to entertain in your home theater with a movie that was released mere hours before you see it! With Prima Cinema, it is possible.

Contact Digital Interiors to ask about how you can get this revolutionary experience in your home today!

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