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4 Things You Need to Know About Dedicated Outdoor Speaker Systems

Enjoy the Best Quality of Outdoor Audio with a Weatherproof Music System

4 Things You Need to Know About Dedicated Outdoor Speaker Systems

When selecting A/V equipment for a strictly outdoor environment, you have to use some caution. You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars on speakers that you take outside once and soon find out that, even with the highest-quality varieties, simply can’t withstand the Atlanta summer heat or rain.

That’s precisely why Digital Interiors recommends installing a dedicated outdoor speaker system in your yard, patio or pool areas. Keep reading for four unique features of outdoor audio equipment that will instantly elevate your summer relaxation and festivities.

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Outdoor Speakers Are Designed to Brave the Elements

You know how scorching Georgia gets every summer, with 100+ degree temperatures commonplace. You need speakers that can withstand the heat, not to mention the unpredictable weather that comes with spring and summer storms.

We install every audio feature, from your speakers to your cables, with durability and weatherproofing in mind. Each piece of equipment that is a part of a dedicated outdoor speaker system is designed to withstand the Georgia elements; meaning you can enjoy year-round outdoor audio performance.

Speakers Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Despite their weatherproof features, outdoor speakers don’t look clunky or utilitarian at all. In fact, they’re very versatile and can suit a wide variety of needs, design tastes and other specifications.

Want something inconspicuous and flush-mounted to your exterior walls? We specialize in flush-mount speaker installations with James Loudspeaker technology, so your speakers blend right in. Want speakers scattered throughout your backyard? Choose from satellite speakers that match with your surrounding landscape and corresponding in-ground subwoofers to provide added effect. Options even exist for speakers that are disguised in the form of rocks, such as ones from Episode.

While there are outdoor speakers designed to blend in with your backyard, outdoor speakers also can elevate the design of your backyard, too. James Loudspeaker’s Omni Series of speakers, for example, doubles as a planter. Meanwhile, Coastal Source offers speakers in a beautiful bollard style that is meant to “wow” guests not only in design but also through sound quality.

No matter the type of speaker you wish to feature in your backyard, we can help you find the perfect selection for your home’s outdoor living spaces.

Consider Coverage Over Volume

Your outdoor audio setup needs will vary from your indoor installation, since inside, you don’t have to account for wind, larger coverage areas or neighbors when building your system.

If you want to provide coverage to your entire backyard, one speaker won’t be enough. It will be too loud for those standing close to the speaker, and the chances are that throughout the backyard, you will suffer from varying levels of volume.

How do we account for this challenge? We at Digital Interiors provide you with a custom outdoor speaker system design that accounts for even sound coverage with speakers strategically placed throughout your entire desired listening areas. We also take steps to ensure that all speakers are firing toward your outdoor living spaces so that neighbors are not disturbed.

Outdoor Subwoofers

Want to enhance your sound with depth? If you’re going to host festive outdoor events, like pool parties, you’ll need to amplify those party songs with robust bass. Here we see another case where some of the most impactful audio tools fly under the radar: You can complement outdoor speaker systems with in-ground subwoofers that elevate the detail of your listening experience.

Ready to see what a difference an expert outdoor speaker system design can make at your Atlanta-area backyard?

Contact us here or give us a call at (770) 844-5800 to get in touch with our team today! We look forward to speaking with you.