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Each Bravas design partner helps create the best experience possible in your space. Our studio design approach puts technology to work for you. We create it with you. We apply the best workmanship in coordinating its installation. And in the end, we deliver a reveal and service ethic second to none.

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Operating Philosophies: What Digital Interiors Is All About

Digital Interiors has always taken pride in being more than your average home design company. We don't just install home security systems, we bring you peace of mind. We don't just install home theaters, we give you the ultimate entertainment experience. We do everything we can to ensure that you receive the exact customized home technology experience you are looking for, with optimal customer service, and a final product you can't wait to show off. In case you've never worked with us before, here is a little insight into how we operate. Service: It's what truly separates a company from it’s competition. A product is just a product, and may be offered by any number of our competitors, which is why we provide service that exceeds our competition’s. home theater by Digital Interiors Benchmark: Digital Interiors is the benchmark for new technology integration. We do our research, so you don't have to, making sure the technology we feature is useful, reliable, and easy to use. Industry Association: When you choose Digital Interiors you are also choosing some of the most recognized names in the industry. Whether they be companies, associations, other organizations or individuals each that are already well recognized in the industry, we proudly partner with the best of the best. Employee Involvement: We are firm believers in a team effort, therefore all of our employees are integral parts of the business. Whether it's through ownership or business operations, it's all about providing hard working employees with endless possibilities. Fiscally Responsible:  Especially in today's economy, we work our hardest to maximize profits and remain financially sound. That way we can provide long-term service to our faithful customers. Products:  Products are products, and while any of our competition can supply a number of the same high-end items we excel at engineering them into a working, cohesive, seamless system.  But don't forget, we also offer many fine product names that others cannot supply. So if you're looking for a the best of the best in Atlanta home integration systems, look no further than Digital Interiors. We love our company, we love our products, we love our customers, and we love leaving the home of completely satisfied customers.  

4th Annual Atlanta Housing Summit

Digital Interiors is extremely excited to be hosting the 4th Annual Atlanta Housing Summit! One of our most successful events for the past 3 years, the Atlanta Housing Summit is an evening of great drinks, great food, and great networking with Atlanta's top homebuilders, remodelers, designers, and architects. It's an evening dedicated to celebrating bouncing back and growing strong in today's housing market.  Digital Interiors, along with co-hosts Mydesign Partners, couldn't be more excited about the upcoming event. On October 25, 2012, the brightest and best of Atlanta's housing market will be gathering at the 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery's Buckhead location. Along with plenty of chatter surrounding the current state of the housing market and new advances in design, architecture, and digital integration, attendees will enjoy what is promising to be an informative and fulfilling discussion from guest speaker A.J. Robinson. Robinson is the President of Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID), in charge of managing the overall strategic functions of CAP and ADID, both of which are committed to making the Atlanta community more livable, vital, and diverse. Robinson's expertise in real estate development and property and asset management have given him plenty to discuss this year at the Summit. Along with A.J. The 4th Annual Housing Summit will feature a number of other noted sponsors: Mydesign Partners, Crestron, Lutron, and SpeakerCraft Speakers. We are extremely excited to see what this year's event brings! Stay tuned for more details and "Like" us on Facebook to stay in-the-know on everything DIGITAL!

GrandCare Systems: Technology For Peace Of Mind

happy grandparentsThere are times when I have to sit back and wonder how my parents and grandparents made it through life growing up without the technology we have today. I'm not talking about fancy iPads and blue ray players, but the things that seem like 'basic needs' such as cell phones and home security systems. It's so nice to have that sense of security that comes with knowing I can reach people whenever I need to with just a quick dial. And it cracks me up when I bring my phone out around my grandparents only to have them stare at me like I'm fresh out of the loony bin. The truth of the matter is, although it may not have been a part of their generation growing up, technology extremely important in ensuring the safety and security of our elderly family members. Digital Interiors understands how important it is for children and grandchildren to know their elderly family members are comfortable and safe, especially when living alone. More and more families are looking for alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living, due to the overwhelming financial stress it can bring. That's why Digital Interiors is proud to offer GrandCare System installation to Atlanta residents. Our GrandCare Systems offer comfortable and safe alternatives to nursing homes for aging seniors and their families. Why leave the home you love when a little home automation can provide the right amount of assistance for your family member? GrandCare Systems use a home's Internet connection to link wireless sensors throughout the living space. This connection allows caregivers and family members to communicate with loved ones through a variety of methods including sending photos, video chatting, and even sending alerts that remind family members to take medications. GrandCare is easy-to-use and provides a peace of mind knowing that individuals can remain safe and independent in their own homes. For more information on GrandCare Systems call 770-844-5800 and a Digital Interiors tech can help set your loved one up with safe and savvy peace of mind. image from flickr