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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Security PanelCustom home automation can give you more than convenience and entertainment. It can also provide security for you and your loved ones. Last week, we discussed the "Goodbye" custom home experience which is a remote one-touch home automation that conveniently changes settings in your home while you are away. This week, we will talk about a security package that will help you in emergency situations. We call it the "Bump in the Night" custom home experience. This integrated one touch home setting will help deter unwanted visitors and help protect you and your loved ones in your time of need. We all cringe when we hear about home invasions on the news. Hopefully, you will never have to experience that in your lifetime. You don't want to think that someone could be breaking in and possibly harming your loved ones. At Digital Interiors, we want you to rest easy knowing that our "Bump in the Night" custom home security package will provides more than the average security system. We feel that it's important to be prepared and have a plan in place. We will walk you through step by step to make sure that your house is completely secure and the proper alert systems are in place. Imagine you wake up to hearing footsteps outside your house. On your nightstand, you press the “bump in the night” button and the system will immediately turn on the outside lights. Your bedside TV automatically turns on and displays live video feed from all of your security cameras. While watching safely from your bed, you can see the burglar frightened by the flood lights and runs away. If the intruder does not immediately leave your property, you can push your panic button, which also located on your bedside, that will immediately sound the home alarm system. Within seconds,  your home security monitoring provider contacts you from the intercom in your bedroom and asks you about the situation. Help is on the way! This is one of many custom home experiences we offer at Digital Interiors. Visit our offerings page to learn about the others we provide.

Leave Your Worry at Home

Control4 Mobile AppWe all lead very busy lives and, from time to time, can't recall if we locked the front door, turned off the light in our bed room, or even set the alarm. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about those things and focus on the things that really matter?  When it comes to whole home automation, Digital Interiors will gladly worry about the logistics while you enjoy what life has to offer. Last week, we discussed how to entertain your home in style and ease with our " "Entertain" custom home experience. Digital Interiors' custom home experiences are whole home automation settings that integrate all of your home's electronic devices with the touch of a button either on at touchpad or on your phone.  This week, we are going to talk about one of our most popular experiences called, "Goodbye." Imagine you are getting ready in the morning to go to work and you're running late. While stuck in Atlanta traffic, you realize that you can't recall if you shut the garage door. Instead of having to turn around and go back home to check or worry about it for the rest of the day, as soon as you pull into your parking space, you open the app on your phone and activate "Goodbye."  As you are jogging into work, your home's automated system is also quickly working to insure that the garage door is closed, the alarm is set to away mode, your lights are powered off, the thermostat is changing temperature to conserve energy. This is one of many different custom home experiences we offer at Digital Interiors. Visit our offerings page to learn more.

Entertain in Style

One Touch IntegrationJust like a snow flake, every home is unique in some way. It takes a real expert in home automation to thoughtfully and masterfully integrate all of the components in your home. Using the best technology has to offer, Digital Interiors will bring you home experiences tailored to meet your needs. Last week, we discussed our 'Good Morning' custom home experience which allows you to wake up everyday to a sense of ease and security. This week, we bring you a custom home automation experience that will have your guests saying, "Wow!" Imagine that you are hosting a party.  You're running late with last minute preparations and your guests are going to arrive any minute.  Normally, you would be rushing to adjust the thermostats, turning on the music, dimming the lights, and unlocking the doors.  All of that is taken care of and you are as calm as a cucumber.  Your first guest walks up and rings the doorbell. While you are upstairs getting ready, you press one button for 'Entertain.'  As you are walking to the front door to greet your first guest, the system adjusts all of your lights for entertaining.  The thermostats are set to comfortably accommodate the additional people in your house.  Your favorite music is playing throughout the house and the security system unlocks the doors for easy access. You open the door and your first guest walks in. This is one of many different custom home experiences we offer here at Digital Interiors. Visit our offerings page to learn more.  

Wake Up to a New Sense of Security

Good Morning Custom Home ExperienceAnyone can install a basic security system.   They could put pressure sensors on your doors and windows and have them wired to a wall panel which, in our opinion, is a false sense of security.   Today's thieves are far more savvy than 1980's technology and we feel that you have worked too hard to have your home compromised.  You deserve better. At Digital Interiors, we don't install simplistic, out-dated security systems. What sets us apart from other security companies is that we install custom home experiences which involve the latest technology in home automation.   We can orchestrate the perfect settings to help maximize your home enjoyment and safety while minimizing your energy costs which will save you money in the long run. Back in November, we discussed several custom home automation experiences, Coming Home and Goodnight.  This week we're going to talk about another very popular custom experience, 'Good Morning'. Imagine that it's early in the morning in chilly mid-February and everyone in house is still asleep. Thirty minutes before you wake, the system sets the thermostat to your specified temperature and even turns on the floor heater in the bathroom.  Just a few minutes before your morning alarm goes off, the lights in your bedroom slowly brighten. Your bathroom light turns on.  The security alarm disarms just as you rise from your peaceful slumber.  Your canine companion joyfully jumps on your bed to greet you and to let you know they are ready for their morning walk.  A new day has begun with a new sense of security. This is one of many different custom home experiences we offer here at Digital Interiors. Visit our offerings page to learn more.