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Why Now Is the Best Time for An Outdoor Speaker System

Transition From Summer to Fall With High-Quality Outdoor Audio

Why Now Is the Best Time for An Outdoor Speaker System

As August winds down, many people start thinking of cooling temperatures, back-to-school activities and, consequently, the imminent end of many people’s favorite season -- summer. 

However, given the balmy climate we enjoy here in Buckhead, GA, homeowners don’t have to worry about the warm-weather fun ending so soon. If you’re considering an outdoor speaker system, find out why you have plenty to look forward to when the temperatures (finally!) drop and the leaves turn.  

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can take your outdoor audio entertaining from summer to fall without a hitch, and why now’s the perfect time to install a new sound system

TAGS: James Loudspeaker | Outdoor Audio | Whole-House Audio Video

Should Designers Choose Manual or Motorized Shades?

Spoiler Alert: There’s Simply No Contest When it Comes to the Benefits of Motorized Shades

Should Designers Choose Manual or Motorized Shades?

As an interior designer, you know firsthand the benefits of window treatments for your Atlanta, GA, clients’ homes. They enhance the surrounding decor, diffuse harsh summer beams and add a touch of elegance to any space. They’re also helpful in blocking light from media rooms, keeping a home cool and even protecting the client’s family.

Though any drapery can boast some benefits, we don’t want your customers to miss out on the added ones they’ll get with an upgrade to motorized shades. Though at first they might seem like a mere “nice-to-have” item, you’ll find out how making this switch benefits them many times over. Keep reading to see why!

TAGS: Lighting Control System and Shades | Lutron | Lutron Shades | Smart Home Automation

Which Display Should You Choose for Your Outdoor TV Installation?

A Complete Guide to SunBriteTV Models to Find the Best Fit for You

Which Display Should You Choose for Your Outdoor TV Installation?

When the sultry day wraps up and the temperature drops in Buckhead, Georgia, our first instinct is often to head outdoors. As you settle into your favorite patio chair or start wading in the pool, what one element can you think of that would elevate the experience?

If you thought about kicking back and watching your favorite shows and movies outside, Digital Interiors would love to help. Is there a particular space you envisioned when you considered an outdoor TV installation? Keep reading to see which SunBrite TV would best suit that area!

TAGS: Home Automation | Home Automation System | Sunbrite TV

Your Starter’s Guide to Whole-House Audio and Video

Here’s What to Know About Whole-Home A/V and How It Can Benefit You!

Your Starter’s Guide to Whole-House Audio and Video

As technology has progressed, a whole new world of entertainment access has opened to eager movie and music lovers. We no longer have to visit the movie theater or even rent DVDs because of the influx of streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu, which lets you see more than 10,000 feature films instantly. Similarly, few people need to stock up on records or CDs to enjoy their favorite music; they can access it digitally through Pandora, Spotify or TIDAL. 

At Digital Interiors, we have embraced the flexibility of these developments and have been adding both audio and video throughout North Georgia homes, sans wall clutter or excess wires. With a streamlined A/V installation, you can enjoy the convenience of managing every speaker and TV in your house through one app on your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the downloaded 4K movie on your Kaleidescape player or the disc loaded into your Blu-ray player from your dedicated theater to your bedroom’s 4K TV.

If you’ve never considered whole-house audio video for your Atlanta home, maybe it’s time to explore its benefits and learn a few more details. Keep reading to see why we think whole-home audio video would suit your lifestyle.

TAGS: Crestron | Home A_V | Whole-Home Audio