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Each Bravas design partner helps create the best experience possible in your space. Our studio design approach puts technology to work for you. We create it with you. We apply the best workmanship in coordinating its installation. And in the end, we deliver a reveal and service ethic second to none.

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Your Guide to Transforming Your Living Room into a Home Theater

Our Home Theater Experts Provide Tips to Help Make That Happen

Your Guide to Transforming Your Living Room into a Home Theater

At Digital Interiors, we’ve installed plenty of media rooms over the years. So, we understand the benefits and challenges associated with them, how they need to be connected and what equipment to use to enjoy the optimal viewing experience.

Your living room might house your TV or projector, but it might still lack a more cinematic feel. What can you do to elevate the on-screen entertainment experience in your home? In this blog, our team of home theater experts at Digital Interiors share some of our ideas to transform your Metro Atlanta living room into the ultimate media room or home theater setup.

TAGS: Home Theater | Home Theater Setup | Lutron | Sony

Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home?

3 Reasons Why Early Consultation is Key to A Custom Smart Home Design

Why Consult With a Professional Before Building Your Smart Home?

If you’re building a home soon in the Metro Atlanta area, we’re sure you’ve already thought about neighborhoods, school districts, house styles, nearby amenities and much more. Perhaps now you’ve narrowed your search, found an architect and builder and established a budget. Have you ever considered transforming your new build into a smart home? If so, now is the time to act!

Speaking to a smart home design and installation expert like Digital Interiors long before building your home poses a unique, short-lived opportunity. You can have the features you value the most installed directly, while your walls are still open and you’re focused on your goals. Below, we’ll give you three reasons why it’s easier to begin laying the groundwork as early on as possible.

TAGS: Home Automation | Smart Home Company | Smart Home Technology

How You Can Enjoy a Wireless Home Lighting Control Solution

Get to Know Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS

How You Can Enjoy a Wireless Home Lighting Control Solution

Hesitant to try smart home lighting control? We have a few guesses why that may be, and we completely understand. Maybe you’re not convinced of automated lighting’s benefits yet or just feel uncomfortable opening your walls to have an updated home lighting design installed in your Buckhead-area home.


While these are valid concerns, Digital Interiors would like to show you a solution that we think will mitigate your fears: Lutron’s wireless smart lighting control systems.

As North Georgia’s trusted Lutron partner, we understand how these systems work, how to install them and how to maximize their specific benefits in residences like yours. Keep reading to discover the robust benefits of Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS and see which one you should try.

TAGS: HomeWorks QS | Lutron | RadioRA 2

Why We Prefer Bang & Olufsen For High-Performance Audio

Get Spectacular Sound from Metro Atlanta’s Luxury Audio Dealer!

Why We Prefer Bang & Olufsen For High-Performance Audio

Whether you’re a movie buff or audiophile, you’ll know the difference between mediocre and truly high-performance audio quality as soon as you hear it. From stunning wallscapes like the BeoSound Shape to architecturally designed floor speakers like the BeoLab 90, Bang & Olufsen ensures the most exceptional listening for your Metro Atlanta or North Georgia home.

Crafted by hand, every B&O speaker delivers impeccable, multi-channel audio features that also fit your interior design needs. As a proud Bang & Olufsen dealer, we at Digital Interiors have been incorporating its high-end speakers in our audio projects in the Atlanta area to help elevate entertainment and music throughout your home. We even have a dedicated section of our showroom for B&O products.

Keep reading to see why we recommend their high-performance speakers to residential customers like you.

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