Our Process Builds a Relationship from start to finish.

Consulting: If you are starting a special, large scale project and you want a professional deisgn for low voltage elements, we are available for consulting. We will design and document everything necessary to purchase and install a comprehensive system. In addition, we can train installation companies and inspect that everything was installed to specification.

Design: Design is the critical first step in ensuring a successful project. Much of the time is spent understanding your needs and lifestyle. This leads into an interactive process of design and validation until you are happy with the standing point.

Installation: Installation begins with planning. We develop a project plan to ensure materials, manpower and tools all come together at the right time.

System Integration: Making everything work together is the final step in the actual installation. In this phase all systems are checked out individually and then connected together.

Training: While the systems are designed to be easy to operate, we provide comprehensive training to make sure you know how to control your system.

Support: Digital Interiors will work with the homeowners from start to completion to ensure satisfaction and quality service. By paying attention to the details in design, installation and scheduling, the job is done correctly the first time. The finished product looks good and we are on time to assure proper and thorough follow-up to the project completion.