Digital Interiors Offers Custom Technology Experiences for Home or Office.


A custom technology experience is created when all of your home electronics work together in scenes. A scene provides convenient, customized pre-sets for any technology controlled by the system and is activated by time or an event.

Home Theater:
Do you love movies but hate going to the movie theater? A custom designed home theater is the answer. When you watch a movie with our home theater system, you are absorbed in an experience like no other. Digital Interiors is trained at home theater designing home theaters in the areas of acoustics, picture quality, lighting and control to provide you the ultimate experience from your personal theater. Theater decor packages are available to complete the experience.

Whole Home Control:
A whole home control system allows many of the sub-systems within the home to work together including audio/video, lighting, security, and HVAC into one centrally controlled system.

Our automation packages are designed to help make your life easier, more comfortable and more secure; help beautify your home and save energy. The effect is your system becomes an active partner in managing your busy lifestyle. Our automation systems are easily upgradeable to meet the demans as your home and lifestyle needs change.

Whole Home Entertainment:
Creating the perfect mood for your house is just as important as the artwork and interior design layout. Flowing music combined with an eloquent lighting scheme provides the finishing touch for entertaining and impressing your guests as well as providing the homeowner with lifestyle modes to complement their daily activities.

Our muti-room music systems fill the need. You’ll be able to select the source of music. You want in any room and then control the source so you can select the station or track you want. Mom can be listening to oldies in the kitchen. The children can rock to the latest superstar in the basement recreation room. Dad can tune into his favorite ball game while he’s taking it easy by the pool.

Inside or out, get the sound you want:

  • One Control Center
  • Simple To Use keypads
  • Excellent Quality Speakers
  • Professional Installation

Security System and Surveillance Cameras-A security system must do several things, such as, detect an intrusion, sound the alarm if there is smoke or fire to provide a keypad where you can summon help with the push of a button. Like everyone else’s security system, ours does these things. But we go a lot further. Just Ask Us.

A vital part of security is seeing what is going on around you. Cameras offer an added dimension to your security system. There are a number of applications for cameras within a home:

For maximum convenience, all of these cameras can be seen on any TV in your home. Simply tune the channel assigned to the camera and there it is. You can even see the cameras on your PC or over the WEB.

Lighting Control:
As you drive up your driveway wouldn’t it be wonderful if your entire home was illuminated both inside and out, ensuring a safe place to return to. Lights are no longer just a way to illuminate a room or space; they can become part of the interior design and the safety/functionality of the home.

Climate Control:
Automating your home’s temperature is a smart, easy way to save energy. Install a programmable thermostat to schedule heating and cooling around the times you’ll be home. You can even adjust the temperature based on readings from indoor and outdoor sensors.

Sports Bar:
It’s not high school football, it’s better than college hoops, it’s even beyond the Olympics. This is PROFESSIONAL Sports entertainment… BIG, BOLD, IN YOUR FACE! Sports Bar At Home Features:

  • Multiple screens
  • Instant Picture Swap
  • Personal Instant Replay
  • Fantasy team Play
  • High Definition
  • Direct TV Sports Packages
  • Internet Stats and Sports Book
  • Surround Sound
  • Your favorite sport or team decor
  • Dry or Wet Bar

Custom Experiences:

Good Bye: When you arm the security system for the away mode, the system turns off the lights, sets the thermostats to the away temperature, sets a schedule for lights and TVs to give the home a lived in look and makes sure you remembered to close the garage door.

Coming Home: When you press the button to open the gate or garage door, the system turns on the driveway lights, disarms the security system, lights a pathway into the home, sets the thermostats to the comfort temperature and puts on your favorite music.

Goodnight: Press the bedside goodnight button and the system turns off the house lights, slowly dims the bedroom lights, sets the bedroom TV to turn off in 30 minutes, arms the security system for the night mode and set the thermostats to your sleeping temperature.

Good Morning: Thirty minutes before the alarm goes off, the system sets the thermostats to their comfort temperature and turns on the bathroom floor heater. A few minutes before the alarm goes off, the system starts a slow brightening of the bedroom lights, turn son the bathroom lights and disarms the security system so you can let the dog out.

Entertain: Press one button for entertain and the system will set all of your lights for entertaining, set the thermostats for more people in the house and unlock the doors for easy access.

Bump in the Night: Press the bedside “bump in the night” button and the system will turn on the outside lights, turn on the security cameras and turn on the bedroom TV to view the cameras.

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