Motorized Blinds Can Protect Your Furniture

When you invest in fine furniture, it is critical to make sure your pieces are protected. Beyond the standard polishing and treating of wood furniture and leather it’s important to recognize how other factors may affect the longevity of your pieces. Of those all-important factors that could cause potential damage is natural light.  Natural light is a beautiful and coveted quality in all homes, however if it isn’t carefully monitored it can damage furniture that is frequently exposed.

Did you know that wood is affected by sunlight in similar ways that your skin is? If hardwood furniture is in the direct path of sunlight, you might want to be mindful of the pieces you dress the table with. Especially in high-heat temperatures, it is possible for your furniture to develop sun rings, these sun rings are most like tan lines that people get. Depending on the type of wood, your pieces may become lighter or darker in the exposed areas.  Lutron Motorized Blinds - Bedroom

If you have leather furniture, you need to mindful of the amount of light exposure your pieces get. Over exposing leather furniture to the sun can cause the fabric to dry and fade. A good way to protect it for the long term is to move the furniture every six months and to make sure that the leather is treated and cleaned at least once a year.

While there are many UV treatments out there for leather and wood, another great way to further protect your furniture is to invest in motorized blinds for your home. Motorized blinds can be controlled remotely and even timed to close when the sun is at its peak. With this level of home automation, you can even control your blinds when you’re away. This could be a beneficial feature when you’re out of town or just forget to close the blinds while you’re at home.  By investing in motorized blinds, you’re further investing in the protection and longevity of your furniture too.


Home Technology on the Rise

It goes without saying that the Recession in 2008 hit homeowners and business owners equally hard. People were unsure and luxuries like technology advancements in the home were not on the radar of most people, especially when the housing market began performing so poorly. Luckily, there is new research to show that things are finally in an upswing.

In a soon-to-be released study conducted by CEDIA called The Size and Scope of the Residential Electronic Systems Market© observed that the number of installations and sales in the home technology industry are going up. Participants in both the United States and Canada reported promising numbers that directly coincide with the results of the CEDIA’s Benchmarking Survey which is great news for industry professionals.Diamond Theater

Preliminary findings from the study show that  Systems/ AV Installation companies saw a 15 percent spike in gross revenue in 2013 and expect that to increase 20 percent by the close of 2014. Cloud-based technology is helping drive labor based  sales, while installations are on the decline. For more information on these findings, check out the full article here. The full report on the study is due to be out at the start of October, 2014.

With the economy and consumer confidence on the rise, there has never been a better time to consider making an investment in advanced home technology for your home. For more information about home automation for your Atlanta- area home, contact us today.


Awards at Digital Interiors

At Digital Interiors Atlanta we pride ourselves on providing the best service with the most cutting-edge technology available. We are here to build relationships with our clients while also being leaders among those in our industry.

We are pleased to announce that we have been named in the top 100 of the Nation’s Top Integration Firms by CE Pro Magazine. CE Pro Magazine is a leading industry-related publication that covers information related to all things integration and automation. The publication also covers digital media, distributed audio and video, lighting control, home theater, security and more. For a complete list of CE Pro’s coverage, click here. The magazine is published 17 times a year, you can receive a free subscription to CE Pro Magazine here.Home Technology Service

In addition to our amazing rank of 62 in the CE Pro Top 100, we are also pleased to announce that our own Vice President of Digital Interiors Atlanta, George Ide, was named the 2013 Certified Outreach Instructor of the Year from CEDIA.  We are pleased to offer continued education for industry professionals. For more information about our  CEUs, click here.

We strive to provide the best service as well as be industry leaders in the automation and integration industry. For more information about CEUs for your company or how to get started on a project for your home, please contact us.

Earn your Required CEUs

If you’re a professional in any of the following organizations: AIA, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, NAHB, ASID, NARI, IIDA, IDCEC, you need to meet your requirements for continuing education from  the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA).  At Digital Interiors we have plenty of opportunities to earn those credits with renowned accredited instructor, George Ide, Vice President of Digital Interiors CEDIA Registered Outreach Instructor, CAPS. George Ide is also the winner of the 2013 COI of the Year from CEDIA.Home Automation Atlanta

We can come to your office at the convenience of your company and staff to provide the information you need to stay accredited within your organization. We have courses in the following subject areas:

• Planning for Residential Electronic Systems
• Home Integration for Convenience,Comfort,& Safety
• Control Systems Impact on Building Green
• Introduction to User Interfaces
• Lighting Control
• Hiding Technology

At Digital Interiors, we’re excited to go into 2015 with exciting content to educate your professionals. To schedule a CEU for your company, contact us here.


Why You Should Invest in Home Automation

Technology is constantly evolving and becoming a more integral part of our everyday lives. People are constantly on the go, making plans over social networks, texting and confirming meetings with a simple click on a touchscreen. While these devices and platforms are streamlining most of the processes in our lives, it may be making it easier to forget about the less advanced but equally important processes (think about turning down your thermostat or setting your alarm). Most people manage their finances, personal online presence, even grocery shopping from their mobile device or smartphone. Why shouldn’t you be able to maintain your home?Digital Interiors Home Automation

Home automation may seem like a luxury, but what if it could show real results and save you money? It isn’t just about luxury, it’s about functionality. Having control over what’s going in your home could save you money on your energy bill every month. When you’re able to control these features remotely, you can ensure that everything is running efficiently.

Including safety features in your home monitoring system could also eliminate the chance of a home invasion. You could have 24/7 visibility of what is going on in and around you home. These efforts could yield up to 20% savings on your homeowner’s insurance too, not to mention the immeasurable peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

Being able to monitor what’s going on in your home in real time is less of a luxury and more of the standard to how we live in 2014.  It’s human error to leave your thermostat set too low or high, or to forget to lock the door behind you, but if you could have the technology to help eliminate the margin of human error, why wouldn’t you?



Benefits of Motorized Shades and Blinds

These days we can manage literally anything from a mobile device, tablet or with a remote control. Setting  a mood in your home has never been easier thanks to automation technology, shouldn’t this functionality apply to your windows?

Natural light is a sought feature in any home. The more big windows you have, the more open, lived in and valuable your space will be. However, what does that mean for the lovely Palladian window in your foyer? You can’t exactly climb up there yourself to adjust your blinds or shades.Digital Interiors Client Atlanta

While the benefits of natural light are countless, it could be doing more harm than good when it comes to your furniture, house plants and art work you may have throughout your home. With motorized shades and blinds, you can control how the time of day your interiors are exposed to natural light preventing any fading or damage to your decor.

As a safety precaution, it’s always good for your home to appear occupied, even when it’s not. Timed shades and blinds are a great way to keep your home safe.

It gets hot in Atlanta and even when it’s not summer time your home can still get exceedingly warm if you have large windows throughout your house, keep your house cool all the time by timing your blinds and shades to be closed during peak daylight hours throughout the day.

Functionality and luxury are what we do, for more information on how to get started on installing motorized blinds and shades in your Atlanta home, contact us today.

The Wall Street Journal Features The Residences at The St. Regis Atlanta

At Digital Interiors Atlanta, we work with many exclusive residences around Atlanta. We have done a great deal of work with the condominiums at The Residences at The St. Regis Atlanta and are excited to see one of the residences profiled by the Wall Street Journal.

The space belongs to a European entrepreneur who owns a coveted piece of art by Francis Bacon. The piece is titled Triptych 1974-77. The large compositions are displayed in gold leaf frames with low voltage lighting and UV coatings to protect the art from any light damage. Interior designer, Richard Peace, wanted to showcase the art by, “having a neutral background but with pops of color”.

According to news sources, Tripytch 1974-77 was sold at auction by an anonymous collector for 46.1 million dollars.

Many of the pieces featured in the home were designed by Peace’s firm. The strong, wood credenza and console are on display with work of other luxury designers such as the custom dining chairs by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and an end-table by Jonathan Adler, both of which have showrooms in Atlanta.

In addition to many custom furniture pieces, the space also features drapes made of Thai silk. Behind the silk drapes are sheer curtains for added filtration of daylight. Decorative molding is used to conceal track used for the motorized curtains. The home overlooks the Buckhead neighborhood.

For more information on how to add custom home automation to your home, please contact us here.


New Tech on the Rise: Key Automation

As home automation specialists in Atlanta, we are definitely all for expanding the day-to-day processes in your home to the cloud based technology that is available today. As technology is changing, you may find yourself wondering if you would switch from more traditional tools to something more high-tech.

Now that we can control our homes through cloud based security systems on our phones, adjust our thermostat and even open our blinds. What would you think about having the locks to your home being controlled by bluetooth technology?ID-1009177

Several companies have the technology and are fine tuning the products for the home automation market place. Some of the models even feature a camera to show you who is at your door and can tell you if someone is on the inside or outside of your door.

Beyond the homeowner market place, Hilton has recently announced that they will be creating technology to have their hotel rooms opened by a code that will be sent to your smartphone. Completely eliminating the need to check in to your room. While key technology is still being fine-tuned it definitely leaves a lot for homeowners to think about. In a world where nearly everything can be conveniently accessed by our smartphones or mobile devices, it could potentially create a greater need for more automation.

Do you have more questions about home automation in Atlanta? Let our experts help you pick out the best technology for your home. You can contact us here.





Home Theaters to Make Your House More Inviting

One extremely important part of being a teenager or a kid in general is socialization. Your kids are going to Home Theater Atlantadevelop a group of friends in which they love to spend time together. Weekends and time after school they will find places in which they love to get together. As humans are creatures of routine, once they find their favorite places to be, they will continue to go back time and again. Digital Interiors of Atlanta wants to help you make your house the one that all the kids want to be at. So, how do you do this?

Home Theater

Installing a home theater into your house is a sure fire way to attract the kids. By creating an environment that resembles a movie theater in regards to surround sound, comfort and a big screen, you are providing an experience for these kids that they typically have to pay for. However, what makes your house a much better option than a movie theater is:

  1. They don’t have to be quiet while the movie is playing
  2. Your house has a much better selection of food and drinks
  3. They don’t have to just watch movies, but can also watch television or play video games
  4. They can recline, lie down and sit any way they want to be comfortable

Take an active step in being a part of your child’s group of friends by having the house where everyone wants to be. Installing a home theater is a move in that direction, and we would be delighted to help you out. Contact us to get started.

Home Automation is Great for Kids

home automation for familyIf you are still on the fence about whether or not home automation is the right choice for your family, let us give you a few things to consider in how incorporating home automation into your house is beneficial for your kids.


Above all, the added sense of security will give you peace of mind. We aren’t just talking about a security system to keep out home invaders, which is important, but also the ability to keep an eye on your kids without actually being in the same room. We can set up video monitors throughout the house, so when you are in the office working, in your bedroom getting dressed, in the kitchen preparing a meal or anywhere else, you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing and know they are safe. It also helps you know that they aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be.


By making your home fully automated, you are essentially turning the entire house into one big educational opportunity for your kids. Technology is a vital part of life these days, and it is incredibly important that your children know how to use a smartphone, tablet and computer. With home automation, they will use these tools to control everything in the house, from the lights to the television and more. They will be extremely comfortable with all things technology and have an advantage in school.


Finally, home automation makes things more convenient for you as a parent. The television will automatically turn off when screen time is over. You can program soft lullaby music to automatically start playing at bedtime. In the Spring and Summer months when the sun is shining at bedtime, room darkening shades will automatically lower before bedtime so you don’t have to hear “the sun is still out, it’s not bedtime.” Although rewarding, life as a parent is incredibly challenging, wouldn’t it be nice if your house was programmed to help you out as well?

If you are interested in home automation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.