Hot Summer & Cool Homes

Summers in Atlanta as always hot and this year is no exception. The costs of utilities can easily sky rocket during the summer from using more air conditioning and even water. Digital Interiors has a solution to help cut your utility costs and keep your home cooled off this summer!

Shading Your Home from the Inside


Lutron Shading Solution Source: Lutron Electronics Public Facebook Page

At Digital Interiors we only suggest and offer the greatest home automation products to our customers. Lutron Electronics is one of these preferred brands, and may be the perfect solution to cutting energy costs and warm temperatures in your home this summer!

Lutron automated shades and blinds offer a cooling solution like no other, and all at the touch of a button! With the “summer cool” setting, the Lutron system will lower shades your shades automatically and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. These lovely shades are made from sustainable materials for extra environmental and energy savings. However, the best part is that everything is automatic. Your home can take care of itself in a sense, by knowing when to lower the shades on hot/sunny summer days!

Conserving Energy

Some other tips to help you save some energy costs this summer include:

  • Setting your thermostat a little higher to 75-78 degrees can help you save during the summertime.

  • Close the windows and blinds during the day, but open them up at night if your area has a respite from the heat at night (not always possible in the Southern U.S. due to high humidity).

  • Wash your clothes in cold water.

  • Take cool showers to beat the heat.

  • Unplug any unnecessary electronics and do not leave computers, televisions or other machines that produce heat on for extended amounts of time, especially if you are not using them (switch that computer to sleep mode if you’re going out for a few hours).

Digital Interiors

We at Digital Interiors hope some of these tips help you to save some money this summer and keep your home a little more cool. If you would like to learn more about installing Lutron shades into your home or if you have a question about any of our other offerings, please contact us at Digital Interiors today. Have a great summer!

Summer 2015 Project Spotlight

new project

Digital Interiors loves sharing our latest and greatest projects with everyone, and this summer is no exception! Recently, Digital Interiors signed on to a huge project with the Seventh Midtown – a luxury 20-unit condo project with ground-floor retail at 867 Peachtree Rd. These stunning condominium units are priced around $700K and offer our home technology company a perfect opportunity to show how our design and products can take these units up a notch in luxury and efficiency!

DiiATL Specs

On the Seventh Midtown project, Digital Interiors will be providing the following:

  • Control4 integration systems

  • Audio control

  • Video control

  • Lighting control

  • Motorized blinds and shades

  • Cameras

  • Security and more!

As with all of our home automation integrations, homeowners at the Seventh Midtown will be able to choose to have the ability to control their home system from their smartphones, as well from other devices.

new client

The Seventh Midtown

If elegance, convenience and luxury sound like your ideal home perhaps the Seventh Midtown is for you. Floorplans range from two to three bedroom units, or your choice of one of two exquisite Penthouse options. Seventh Midtown homes feature modern designer finishes and features by top designers specifically selected for these exclusive residences. Some of the well-known brands selected include: Waterworks, Pedini, Silestone, Wolf and Sub-zero. At Seventh Midtown homeowners are sure to enjoy a very private, chic lifestyle in the middle of one of Atlanta’s most luxurious hotspots.

Interested in owning a little piece of Atlanta? Consider purchasing a luxurious condo at the Seventh Midtown before they sell out! For more information, visit

***Digital Interiors is currently working on the model home now. Stayed tuned for more information about this wonderful project!***


Construction of Seventh Midtown Summer 2015

Home Automation Customer Relationships

Home Automation planningHome automation is one of the newest trends in smart homes and home building today, and it‘s likely to stay. Even though it’s a relatively new concept, it is possible to control everything from entertainment to home security with the touch of a finger.  It’s still important you feel confident your installation company has your wants, needs and best interest at heart.

Digital Interiors strives to build relationships with clients from the beginning of a project to the very end. Consider how it would go if you wanted home theater technology—video, audio, lighting, etc.—installed in your home.

Digital Interiors offers consulting and design services on the front end to ensure your home theater has everything you could want and more. From televisions to audio, to additional components like gaming systems, we take into account your lifestyle, your home, your personal preferences and many other elements to create the perfect system for you. Would you like your home entertainment theater to extend to the outdoors? We’ll find a way to make it happen.

Installation is considered in the planning phase to guarantee the home technology system comes together as quickly and with as little disruption to you as possible. Once you are satisfied with the plan and everything is ready to move forward, the installation begins. We are there every step of the way to ensure your installation is completed to exact specifications and that each component works together in digital harmony.

If needed, we offer comprehensive training to ensure easy control of your new smart home system. We are available for additional support after installation is complete, although our tried-and-tested planning certifies the installation will be right the first time.

Let Digital Interiors handle your in home technology needs—such as security systems, entertainment systems and home lighting—with professionalism and expert service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and be sure to visit our Facebook page for additional ideas and inspiration.


Digital Interiors BBQ-N-BREWS Event

Thursday, June 11th is Digital Interiors’ fabulous BBQ-N-BREWS event! This event will take place in the lovely Buckhead area from 3:30pm-7:00pm at 3150 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, Ga. RSVP soon if you are interested in attending our great event!

Earn CEUs at this Event

Digital Interiors is planning on teaching a course called, “Proper Planning for Residential Electronic Systems,” at 5:30 pm for those wishing to earn CEU’s at our event. However, other CEU courses are planned for 3:30pm and 4:30pm as well. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please RSVP to

Event Partners

Digital Interiors is happy to be partnering with AVI Marvin Windows and Genesis Elevator Company for this great event. Our BBQ-N-BREWS event is being held at AVI Marvin Windows’ location in Buckhead. We look forward to hosting this event with both of these excellent companies.

More Information

  • We plan to hold this event rain or shine.

  • Free Valet parking will be provided.

  • We will have various raffle items to give away.

  • CEU classes will be held at 3:30pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm

Digital Interiors is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and designs and installs home automation technology systems into homes, luxury condos and apartments, and in commercial spaces. Our expertise lies in making the most of your home automation by providing integrated systems where audio/video, lighting, HVAC, security, and other systems can work together. Digital Interiors offers custom home theater design and installations, lighting control, climate control, security systems and surveillance cameras. We also offer custom experiences that our clients love!

Questions or concerns? Please contact us today at Digital Interiors and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to speaking with you and hope to see you at our wonderful BBQ-N-BREWS event!

2015 bbq n brew flyer


logo trufig

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Digital Interiors provides integrated packages of home technology and creates custom experiences for home automation purposes. This technology can be used for entertainment, convenience, security, comfort and communications. Our systems are designed specifically to enhance your lifestyle, while making you comfortable with technology.

Recently, Digital Interiors had the pleasure of being a preferred booth vendor at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2015 Convention held this year in Atlanta. Before the show, we partnered up with the team at TRUFIG®, and we are so pleased to have made such a great connection!

What is TRUFIG?

TRUFIG was founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Geoff Spencer and Scott Struthers. The two innovators were previously founders of Dana Innovations, the parent company of Sonance® and iPort®. After 25 years of creating firsts, like the first high-fidelity in-wall speaker systems and the world’s first integrated in-wall iPod® docking station, the pair created another incredible innovation of flush-mounting solutions. Thus TRUFIG was born, allowing aesthetic-conscious designers, architects and property owners, to have perfection in the smallest of details.


Photo via TRUFIG public Facebook Page at:

Types of TRUFIG Installations

Some of the stunning TRUFIG installations have consisted of (but are not limited to):

  • Solid Surface Installation

  • Tile Installation

  • Plaster Installation

  • Fabric and Wallpaper Installation

  • Glass and Mirror Installation

  • Corner Bead Installation

  • Baseboard Installation


The family of products that TRUFIG works with are:

  • Switches

  • Power Outlets

  • Data Jacks

  • Keypads

  • Touch Panels

  • HVAC Grille

  • HVAC Diffuser

  • Speakers

TRUFIG can create gorgeous flush-mounted solutions in drywall, wood and even stone. Our Digital Interiors team has seen these solutions first hand and we know our customers will be interested in becoming TRUFIG customers too! This is an excellent option for customers who enjoy home automation solutions, but are also interested in the aesthetics of their space.

For more information about Digital Interiors, please give us a call at 770-844-5800; to reach TRUFIG, visit them online at

Also, please Like us on Facebook to stay in touch with Digital Interiors!

Thwarting Thieves


The home automation technology Digital Interiors provides to our clients is often thought of as a luxury lifestyle upgrade, which it is in many ways; however, there is also a very important role our technology plays in home security.

Package Bandits

It is not unusual for news stations all around the country to show stories about thieves taking UPS or FedEx packages directly from people’s front doors all throughout the year (not only in the holiday shipping craze that is December). This has even been known to happen in gated communities, where one would assume it would be less likely to occur.theft

If possible, try to prevent these ‘package bandits’ from taking your deliveries by taking away their opportunity. Have your delivery service hold the package at a store until you can pick it up or give special delivery instructions, such as placing the box in the backyard or in another less visible area near your home. Another prevention method is to have a friend or neighbor keep watch, then go get and hold the package until you come home. Sometimes having your delivery shipped to your job (the place most of us live) may also help!

Automated Helpers

The security system and surveillance cameras Digital Interiors installs will detect an intrusion, sound the alarm if there is smoke or fire and help you see what is going on around your home. Our security cameras offer an added dimension to your security system. For maximum convenience, all of these cameras can be seen on any TV in your home. Simply tune into the channel assigned to the camera and there it is; you can even see the video feed on your PC (great if you’re at work or out of town).

You may be wondering how cameras will help if a perpetrator already has their hands on your package. Depending on your home automation system, you may be able to set off an alarm from your smartphone causing the theft to leave the package and run. However, this will probably not deter a dedicated theft; but you’ll have video proof that your package was stolen to share with the police, and be able to prove that it was taken to the company you ordered from. Your cameras may even help the police find and convict the theft!

Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Ga.

This is merely a taste of what our security systems and surveillance cameras are capable of. Please ask about the ‘Bump in the Night’ custom experience we offer when you contact us to schedule an appointment. Also, feel free to schedule a time to see our lovely showroom as well!

Home Automation Myths


Digital Interiors of Alpharetta is often confronted with questions about the home automation technology we install, which is typical of any new home installation. However, many of the questions we get from potential clients seem to stem from industry myths, so we thought we’d break some of these open for your benefit!

Common Myths

Home Automation Technology can ONLY be installed into new homes.

False- Having a new or old home makes little difference with the compatibility of our home automation solutions. Digital Interiors can come up with a design for ANY home! Older homes may have a little more to ‘work around’ due to existing wiring and walls already in place; but it does not mean that you cannot have a partial or complete home automation system installed.

Home Automation Technology is too Complicated and Difficult to use.

False- Home automation is actually very easy to use and our experts at Digital Interiors spend extra time making sure our clients understand how to use it. Most people now have and use smartphones daily; if you can use a smartphone, you can use our tech! Believe it or not, many of our preferred technology brands (like Control4) are actually made for those who may consider themselves to be ‘technically challenged.’

A large, fully integrated home automation system must have one strong Wi-Fi point.

False- If you own a large home or estate, having a single Wi-Fi point (regardless of reach/strength) is unreasonable. While most of our home automation solutions work using Wi-Fi (some can use Ethernet), one solution for a large home is to simply have multiple Wi-Fi points throughout the house.

Home Automation Technology can be RELIABLE and is the FUTURE.

True- When you use a proven company, like Digital Interiors, you will have the experts on your side to make sure your tech is reliable. Our experts are always there for you when your tech needs to be upgraded, as technology is ever changing. Did you know that we have home solutions for security, audio, video, HVAC, lighting and more?! Home automation really is the future, and luckily for you, you’re already taking the first steps to learn more about it!

Digital Interiors – YOUR Atlanta Home Automation & Installation Specialist

We certainly hope we have squashed some of the typical home automation myths for you at this point. However, should you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information! It is always best to be informed when deciding what you want to upgrade in your home, and we would be happy to help you understand how Digital Interiors can not only upgrade your home with technology, but upgrade your lifestyle!myths

Relax This May

health check

Did you know that May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month? Most of us have daily stress that can build up and become problematic over time, so in honor of this month, Digital Interiors would like to help spread some education about blood pressure and how we can help to lower it.

Know the Facts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that around one of three adults in the US (that’s 67 million people) have high blood pressure. Why is it bad? High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke, with stroke being the fifth leading cause of death in the US, often killing the first time it occurs.

Reducing Your Risk

The following are some examples of how you can lower your blood pressure, thus reducing the risk for more serious cardiovascular issues:

  • Diet- Reducing the amount of sodium you consume is a great way to lower your blood pressure. You may be surprised how much sodium you are actually putting into your body; check the labels of everything you eat and drink to see where you can lower it. That can of soup may be worse for you than you think!

  • Smoking- Smoking affects more than just your blood pressure and can lead to other serious issues, like lung cancer. Quitting smoking is good for your overall well being and is good for those around you too!

  • Doctor Visits- Have your blood pressure regularly checked by your doctor. They will be able to tell you what the normal range is for you and if you need to make changes in your lifestyle. They may also prescribe medicine to lower blood pressure if needed.

Digital Interiors Helps You RELAX

Wondering how we think we can help lower your blood pressure? The answer is all in our services! We believe our home automation technology will improve your lifestyle by helping you to be a bit more stress-free.

For example, our “Bump in the Night” custom experience can give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night, by knowing that you have security at your fingertips! By pressing the bedside “bump in the night” button, the system will turn on the outside lights, turn on the security cameras and turn on the bedroom TV so you can view the cameras.

All of our custom experiences tie-in ease of use with modern convenience, allowing our seamlessly integrated home automation systems the chance to help you relax! We hope you take some time this May to check your blood pressure and de-stress! Please contact Digital Interiors for more information about our offerings and to schedule an appointment to visit our Alpharetta showroom.

AIA 2015 Convention

logo of AIA

Have you heard the news? Digital Interiors is partnering with TruFig this year as a booth vendor at AIA’s (The American Institute of Architects) annual AIA 2015 Convention in Atlanta, on May 14th-16th! Our official booth number is 3480, located in the Software & Technology Pavillion on the expo floor.

Meet TruFig

We are extremely pleased to be sharing our booth space with the phenomenal TruFig team! Founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer, TruFig offers stunning flush-mounting solutions designed for aesthetic-conscious architects, designers, and property owners. Whether you are interested in mounting speakers, touch pads, light switches, outlets or more, TruFig has the flush-mounting solution for your drywall, wood, or stone.

Learn More at AIA 2015

Please join TruFig and our Digital Interiors team at Booth #3480 during the AIA Expo 2015 to learn more about our excellent services. Better yet, you can “earn while you learn!” By participating in ‘Expo Chat’ at AIA, you’ll be able to earn learning units a.k.a. LUs, just for talking with us and some of the other hundreds of companies exhibiting this year.

How to earn your credits:

  • Meet with four of the 800 exhibitors for at least 15 minutes each and be sure to collect a verification code from each exhibitor. (.25 increments for each 15 minute exhibitor chat after your first four can be added as additional credit.)

  • Earn up to 6 LUs total over the entire AIA Expo, but make sure you take notes so you can fill out your learning statement.

  • Your learning statement must be completed by June 1, 2015; confirmed  LUs will be on your AIA member transcript.

  • Transcript credits will be posted within 10 business days.

Digital Interiors of Alpharetta looks forward to being at this year’s AIA Expo 2015! Please make a plan to stop by our booth to talk with us and TruFig while you are on the exhibition floor. See you in May!vendor floor AIA 2015

Home Automation Champions


If you’ve never heard of Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Ga., we would love to introduce ourselves! We have been specializing in the home technology industry to create custom experiences with home automation for: entertainment, convenience, security, comfort and communications, all around the Southeast for 20 incredible years.


We pride ourselves on always staying ahead of Home Technology Trends, because simply stated, our business is technology. Our fantastic team at Digital Interiors are members of the Consumer Electronics Association and the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). We have also been given recognition by our industry in several areas over the past few years:

  • Top 100 CEPro System Integrator 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014

  • CEDIA ROI of the Year 2013

  • Winner Retrofit Project of the Year 2013 (Up to $50,000) – CEA’s Tech Home Division

  • Winner Custom Home of the Year 2011 ($50,000 to $150,000) – CEA’s Tech Home Division

  • Finalist for Digital Convergence Project 2009 – CEA’s Tech Home Division

  • Finalist for Luxury Home of the Year 2009 - CEA’s Tech Home Division

  • Awarded Crestron’s – Biggest, Baddest Home 2007

Home Automation Champions for You

At Digital Interiors we offer custom experiences with home technology. The home automation systems we recommend and install are designed specifically to enhance your lifestyle, and make you comfortable with technology.

Our Home Technology Packages provide seamless integration of home tech by using brand name products you know and trust (Crestron, Sonos, Lutron, Control4, DA-LITE, etc.). We work with these exquisitely designed integration systems to combine audio/video, lighting, HVAC, security, and other systems in your home, into a functional bundle that works together and gives you all of the control at your fingertips.

Digital Interiors’ custom technology experiences are perfect for the home or office. We offer home theater, lighting control, climate control, security system and surveillance cameras, At Home Sports Bar, and Whole Home Control.  

Digital Interiors looks forward to being your home automation champion, so contact us today to schedule a private appointment to visit our stunning showroom. We look forward to providing you with a technology experience you never dreamed possible for your home!