Apartment Automation?

renterDigital Interiors of Alpharetta, Georgia enjoys educating homeowners about the modern marvels and convenience of home automation. Through our entire process of consultation and design to our end processes of installation and support, we LOVE seeing how home automation brightens the lives of those we have worked with. Don’t own a home? That’s okay! Someone who leases an apartment or home can have home automation too!

Most people who sign rental agreements are aware of the dreaded security deposit. Often times this deposit is the reason for not painting walls and hanging pictures or other items. You may be wondering then, how can a renter have a home automation system? The answer is simple: Do not install into your walls!

Yes, it is that simple. Tech companies like SmartThings have created gadgets for home automation that are wireless and portable, making them ideal for apartment of condo living spaces. So no need to worry about losing that security deposit from drilling a panel in the wall! You don’t need to!

Some of the ways you can automate without a permanent system, include motion sensors and cameras like Dropcam, which allow you to see if your landlord or others are accessing your home while you are out. Since these cameras are motion activated, you can also use them to simply see what your pets are doing while you’re away.

Others way you can automate an apartment are with climate and lighting gadgets. These are always great items to invest in as they can save you some cash when its time to pay the utilities. Security systems for windows, doors and even drawers, are all wireless automation options as well.

We know home automation is the future, so why not start now in your rental? Then when you purchase your home, give Digital Interiors a call to seamlessly wire your ENTIRE home with the latest in home automation technology! Questions or concerns? Give us a contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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Kick-off to FUN

On February first, Super Bowl XLIX will have sports fans around the country amped up for the NFL’s biggest game of the year. While hundreds will crowd the University of Arizona stadium to see the game in person, most will be enjoying the televised event from the comfort of their homes. As a leader in home automation, Digital Interiors has created some incredible personal sports bars and home theaters that are perfect for hosting a viewing party for this type of sporting event.

super bowl xlix

Super Bowl XLIX

One of the great things about home theater automation is how easy it makes hosting events like the Super Bowl for groups, but also the ease it gives for everyday movie or television viewing. When all of your home theater systems are combined into one easy-to-use control center, it allows you more relaxation and less time wasted on multiple controls and remotes.

Home theater rooms can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Generally this depends on the homeowner’s personal preferences and design style, but the room layout may be a factor as well. When installing these rooms, our Digital Interior experts always take into account:

  • Acoustics

  • Picture Quality

  • Lighting

  • Control

Adding a sports bar is also a great way to add some personality to your home theater room. Plus, by adding a Dry or Wet Bar, you can create the ideal hosting environment for big viewing parties that may require drinks and/or snacks.

With Super Bowl XLIX just days away, it may be too late to create your personalized home theater oasis for this sports party; however, March Madness is coming soon, so you have time to prepare. If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in automating your home theater, please contact Digital Interiors and we’d be happy to help!

Defining Home Automation

Home Automation AtlantaWe currently live in a world saturated by technology. It’s now common for preschool aged children to know the basic workings of an iPad, for cars to give us directions for a change, and for 3D printers to create human prosthetics. With all of these amazing advances available, Digital Interiors of Atlanta is interested in why this technology isn’t integrated into your home.

One good reason may be that homeowners do not fully understand what home automation is or know of it’s incredible benefits. The goal of home automation is to efficiently unify and control your home’s systems in an economical way. Basically, we can blend your home technology together into one amazing system and cut costs while we’re at it.

Want to know what can be integrated into this system? Broadly speaking, any home system used with an electrical device. Specifically, HVAC systems (temperature control), lighting, audio/video (home entertainment rooms), and security systems.

Homeowners can add individual pieces of automation around their homes and slowly build to a complete integration; or take the leap to combine the entire household in one swoop. Regardless of how you do it, there is little doubt you’ll ever want to go back to your previous way of life.

Imagine coming home from work and feeling a pleasant wave of comfort as your home gently wakes up for you. The home security system disarms and lights come on to guide your way in, while your favorite music welcomes you inside and the thermostat switches to at home comfort settings. All of this prompted by a touch of a button from your front gate or garage door opener.

This level of automation sophistication may seem surprising for a residential home, but it is completely possible.The example above is just one of many custom experiences Digital Interiors can program into your home automation system. Contact us today and see how we can enhance your lifestyle. Are you ready for an upgrade?

Bump in the Night

Harrison Design and Digital InteriorsIn 2012 alone, there were 6,192 burglaries in Atlanta, GA.  That number accounts for crime in the city, not to mention the crime rates that the rest of the state could add. Now, what if your home was to be targeted by a potential criminal? Do you have any security measures in place to protect you and your family from an attack? Burglaries not only destroy your home, leave you deprived of your valuables, and dealing with the painstaking process of an insurance claim but most importantly – they destroy your peace of mind. This is where Digital Interiors can help you regain your sense of security in your own home with our ‘bump in then night’ service.


Our homes are most vulnerable at two opposite ends of the day: during daylight hours when your neighborhood is empty and no one is home, and in the dark hours of the night when their crime can be masked by darkness. The services included with our bump in the night package will help catch burglars at any time of day, and are targeted to the evening hours.

  • Security Cameras: A closed loop security camera system will record every moment of activity around your home. Suspicious of your new neighbors? A security camera system will help you keep track of who may be lurking too close to your valuables.
  • Outside Lights: A home that is well illuminated at all times of the day and night is one that is hard to sneak around or into.
  • Bedside Activation: The bump in the night service includes integrating the two biggest deterrents of burglaries in your home automation system – outside lights and security cameras – at the touch of a button. A touch of your bedside button will turn on the outside lights and activate your bedroom TV to view all angles of your security cameras.

Security systems are only a part of the wide range of services that Digital Interiors provides for metro Atlanta home owners. We can help you bring your home into the 21st century with top to bottom automation. Call us today to learn more!

New Year Resolutions for Your Business

As we start a new year, many business owners and managers are looking at the decisions they made in the years past. When you consider the goals for your business’ success in 2015, consider these tips to help you stay on track with a solid timeline and realistic priorities:

  • Consider a financial evaluation. It has been observed that many Americans are feeling more confident about their finances and overall wealth. If your business’ profits are on the upswing, that’s great! But don’t overlook the need to do an in-depth health check to make sure you stay on track!
  • Documenting your progress. By keeping track of your goals and your progress towards achieving them, you are holding yourself accountable. This is a great way to make sure you get everything done that you set out for on the first of the year.Happy New Year
  • Ask your employees. It doesn’t have to be formal or anonymous, but asking them what could make their workplace more inviting or productive will yield positive returns for you, too! Their input could be instrumental in what you choose to change.
  • Rank your goals. Some goals will need to be reached sooner than others. Address that when you sit down to think about the progress you would like to make personally and within your business for 2015.

Consider these tips and maintain a realistic set of goals with an open line of communication. Best of luck for a prosperous 2015!

Safety Benefits of Home Automation

There are many conveniences and perks to having a home automation system in your home. Your home will run more efficiently, and your day-to-day processes will run that much smoother. In addition, your home automation system will be programmed to cater specifically to your needs. However, there is another benefit that we find to be priceless: security.

Installing a home automation system for your Atlanta home means your home will be that much safer. Of course, no one can promise that nothing will ever happen, but your home will be ready should something happen. After all, home security should never be a “set it and forget it” part of your home.Lutron Motorized Drapery Systems Bedroom

With home security that is synced to your home’s processes you will be able to set timers on your lighting. Open and close your blinds and even make sure the kids get home safely from school. You can stay informed on your smoke detection and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

You deserve to know what is going on at your home at all times. We have the technology to give you the peace of mind you deserve, whether your home or away. Are you ready to get started on your home automation project? Contact us here to get started on your home automation project for your home.


Factors to Consider When Planning a Home Theater Installation in Atlanta

So, you’ve decided that a home theater will be the perfect addition to your Atlanta home. Great! While the thought of having a theater in your home might have you over the moon, it’s important to stay grounded during the planning stages to ensure that the design and eventual execution go off without a hitch, giving you a theater for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Here’s how we think you should consider when planning your home theater installation:Home Theater Atlanta

  • Timeline: How soon do you want your theater to be finished? Are you currently living in your home or will the project be part of new construction? If your home is in the process of being built, you will want to make sure your team is working in tandem with your housing contractors.
  • Design: Do you want a sleek and modern look for your theater? A man cave to rival them all? It is important to do a good deal of research and to communicate your preferences to your home theater installation team.
  • Functionality: Are you looking for your theater to be integrated to an existing home automation system? Are you all about sound and video quality? Ultimately, any home theater installation team will need to do how you prioritize the features of your home theater so they can make the most informed recommendations to best suit your preferences.
  • Budget: Home theater installations in Atlanta can range in price depending on the project. Consider your budget and functionality preferences with your installation team to ensure that the most important features are evaluated first.

For more information about how to get started on your home theater installation in Atlanta, contact us here.

Should IMAX Be Worried?

If there is one thing worth leaving your home theater for, it’s the IMAX experience. The stunning visuals and crystal-clear sound make this the one thing better experienced in a theater. However, IMAX might have big competition coming from the company that has the authority in all things audio. Dolby is to release new projection technology called Dolby Cinema to rival the coveted experience of IMAX and forever change what we see.

4K Ultra High Definition technology has been a game-changing front runner this year, especially when it comes televisions. However, Dolby’s plan to release an innovative theater projection system that utilizes High Dynamic Range will be altering the experience of what we see when we see a movie at the theater. High Dynamic Range or HDR will give viewers stark contrast and intense color by utilizing high-powered laser projectors.  This technology will make the visual experience more intense than that of IMAX theaters.  Dolby is calling their state of the art technology DolbyVision. According to Dolby, “It’s beyond the number of pixels, it’s about the quality of pixels.”Home Theater Atlanta

Dolby Cinema is slated to make its awaited debut in the Netherlands this December and will eventually expand further across the globe. When asked about this new, HDR technology, IMAX said they also have a new projection system in the development stages.

Eventually, this unique experience could make it to your very own home as Dolby is working to expand HDR technology for television.

For more information on home theater installations in Atlanta and home theater technology industry-related updates. Be sure to stay up-to-date with our blog. 



Best Home Automation Gadgets for Holiday Gifts

Buying Christmas gifts can be tricky. You want to make sure you purchase something meaningful and useful for your friends and family. Being sure they’ll like your gift is half the challenge, right? Have no fear, if you know someone who loves tech tools and home automation gadgets, these gifts are sure to please.

  • Wireless video streaming: Your gadget-guru will love being able to stream any music or video from the internet on their TV. Options like Google Chrome or Amazon TV allow you to access internet-based streaming services such as Netflix and not have to worry about hooking up an HDMI cable or gathering around the laptop. These video streaming devices start at just $35!
  • What’s worse than cleaning your house? Seriously, we can automate just about everything, why not cleaning?! Well now, there is a solution. For the person in your life who hates getting their hands dirty, treat them to a high-powered, robotic vaccum. Check them out here.

    man writing list with laptop

    photo via pixabay

  • Do you know a not-so-morning person? Getting up in the morning can be tough for everyone, but think of how much easier it will be when they can smell their coffee brewing away before getting out of bed? Automated coffee makers can make waking up that much easier. Check out this awesome model by none other than the ever-reliable brand, Mr. Coffee. 

With home automation installations in Atlanta on the rise, why not treat that special someone in your life with a great, life-enhancing gift! They’ll wonder how they got by without it!

Make Your Home Theater the Main Attraction This Holiday Season

Entertaining guests during the holidays can be tricky! You want everyone to be entertained at all times on top of ensuring everything throughout the home runs smoothy. To make sure everyone is enjoying their visit at your house, make your home theater the focal point for a good time! Here are a few tips to making the most of your home theater during the holiday season.

  • What’s better during a movie than popcorn? Not much! Fire up the popcorn machine and serve it up fresh and hot. Offer up different toppings and seasonings so your guests can create their own tub of delicious popcorn. For popcorn season recipes, click here.

    photo via pixabay

    photo via pixabay

  • Make your theater the place to meet by hosting NFL or college viewing parties. Invite your favorite fans over for wings, beer, snacks and football. Compare fantasy match ups and have fun cheering on your favorite team.
  • It’s time to dig out the blankets. Nothing is better than a warm fluffy blanket and a great movie. Fleece and chenille varieties are favorites for softness. You can also break out some comfy pillows if you’re going for a slumber party vibe.
  • We have two words– holiday specials. Take advantage of the marathons and get everyone together for a great evening of holiday classics like Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and Home Alone.
  • Nothing says holiday fun like hot chocolate and cider. Make a batch before movie time for a sweet treat.

By being prepared with ideas, you’ll have more time to spend enjoying being with your guests during the holiday season!