2015 Atlanta Housing Summit Recap

At Digital Interiors, we are always looking to learn about the newest trends and the latest in luxury home automation. The way we do this by attending shows, becoming sponsors of said shows, and networking with other designers in our area. Recently, team members from Digital Interiors attended the 2015 Atlanta Housing Summit, where they gained valuable information on what is happening in the high-end home automation market, especially in the areas of motorized shades and blinds and lighting control. For those who do not know, the Atlanta Housing Summit is an event for business leaders in the Atlanta Real Estate market to learn and network from an expert panel about the latest trends in the luxury home market. All proceeds benefited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the country. There were over 100 people, including vendors, in attendance.

Ron Rimawi & George Ide meeting Bill Harrison

This event was held on Thursday October 22nd from 4:30-7:30, and it raised  record breaking amounts for CHOA. The event was complete with an open bar,  silent auction, prize wheel, and more! All of the silent auction items came through  gracious donations,and we had more than ever this year! We would like to say a  big ‘thank you’ to everyone who donated. Another shout out  goes to the awesome  guest speaker, Mr. Bill Harrison of Harrison Design (pictured left with Ron Rimawi and George Ide), for his time.

 We gleaned valuable information about 2016 market trends at the show, and    made some invaluable connections. We would like to thank everyone who  participated for their time and energy. We hope to see all of you next year!

Home for the Holidays

christmas-214988_640The time has once again come for one of the most festive design showcase events of the year, with the doors to 2015′s Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse opening for the first time this season on the 19th of November at 6 PM.

This year, the Atlanta designer showhome on display is the Millwood Manor, designed by Harrison Design with 17th-century charm. Every square foot of this aged limestone home shows clear mind to detail, and as an attendee, you’ll have plenty of time to take it all in while you graze on the offered nibbles and nosh.

Design-minded individuals won’t want to miss the ADAC Day of Design on November 21st, a full day dedicated to interior design features and insight on the aesthetic of your own home. See the itinerary for a full list of the day’s events.

But that’s not all. On the 1st of December, four local authors and culinary specialists arrive to treat you to an afternoon of food and mingling complete with a tour of this Atlanta designer showhome. If you can’t make it, fear not: A similar, more design-oriented event is open for attending on the 8th.

This is an excellent opportunity to open your mind to what modern design has to offer – and who knows, perhaps you’ll go home with a few design ideas of your own.

The beneficiary for this event is none other than the Children’s Learning Gardens at the Southeastern Horticultural Society. These function as outdoor classrooms, and they strive to increase literacy about the environment and healthy lifestyles via nutritional classes and organic gardening/farming. They also help further the education of educators and introduce the young adult generation to ‘green’ jobs.

Full details can be found on the Home for the Holidays site, including ticket pricing and purchase, plus a volunteer opportunity for those who wish to help benefit the Children’s Learning Gardens and to take a peek at this gorgeous Atlanta designer showhome in the process.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to rub elbows with like-minded people in a gorgeous setting this holiday season.

3 Reasons for a Home Theater Room


Have you made it out to the movies recently? Prices seem to keep creeping up every year, making it seem more worthwhile going to a nice restaurant, instead of sitting in a cramped room with strangers, over-priced snacks and sticky-floors. Well Atlanta’s Digital Interiors has a much more comfortable option for you; your very own Home Theater Room! Need more convincing? See our top three reasons why you should consider this addition to your home below.

Top 3 Reasons

  1. Entertainment Now – No more hassle of getting to the theater on time or fighting through traffic and crowds. With your own home theater room, you’ll have entertainment ready instantly, when you want it! (Plus, who wants to go out in the rain or freezing cold during certain seasons?!)

  2. Affordable Comfort – Your home theater system will more than pay for itself after you see how much better it is than wasting your money out in public theaters. You will probably have an even better time a home lounging in the theater chairs you’ve picked out and eating the snacks you prefer.

  3. Real Theater Experience – Our Digital Interiors experts design home theaters rooms with every inch of space in mind, including how the sound of the acoustics of your surround sound are affected by furniture and angles and how far/near loungers should be from the television or home theater screen. In the end you will be left with a real theater experience like no other you’ve had before, all in your very own home!

Are you ready to get started?

If so, please contact our Digital Interiors experts at 770-844-5800 to get started. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm; all other times are by appointment only. We look forward to giving you a new Home Theater Room soon!

Home Theater Atlanta by Digital Interiors

Boo-tiful Basements

Halloween is approaching and if you’re the type who loves to turn off all the lights, grab some popcorn and dive into a scary movie marathon (or any movie to simply ignore trick-or-treaters), then what better way to enjoy your suspenseful films than in your very own home theater room! However, if you are planning on creating a home theater room in your basement, Georgia’s Digital Interiors wants to give you a few things to consider so you don’t get scared away from this project!

Basement Theater Considerations

  • Building Permits – Cover all of your bases by checking what permits are required by the governing municipality. Not having proper permits could put you in jeopardy, legally speaking, and could affect the sale of your property in the future.

  • HVAC – In a brand new home that is just being built, HVAC may not be an issue, as we will design and build up. However, if we are doing a ‘retrofit’ in an existing basement, placement of existing ductwork and system components will need to be examined for noise factors; also, ceiling heights will need to be examined for sound quality and proper projector placement.

  • Moisture Issues – Prior to beginning the installation of your home theater, any moisture issues found in your basement must be fixed, as moisture and electronics do not mix. Even if your basement does not currently have water seepage or moisture issues, extra waterproofing measures may be a wise choice before construction of your home theater begins.

  • Size & Placement – Our Digital Interiors team will take into account your space and decide how to make your seating properly distanced from the screen, projector and screen placement; the optimal speaker placement,  as well as any other items you  may wish to include (like a gaming or bar).

Digital Interiors – Your Home Theater Installation Experts

Whether you are interested in a basement home theater room additional or a total home automation package, our expert team is here to make the transition to new technology as un-scary as possible!

Please contact us at Digital Interiors to learn more today! From everyone here, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

oct 31

Atlanta Halloween Events


Digital Interiors is looking forward to Halloween, as we are sure your family is as well! However, if you are looking for something different to do with your kids this year, check out some of the following Halloween events happening around Atlanta:

Some other great places to check out include local shops / malls, schools, churches, family fun centers, museums, aquariums and zoos. All of these places typically have frightfully fun fall festivals on or before Halloween, fun trunk-or-treat events, costume parties and more! The best way to stay in the ‘know,’ is to check out websites and social media pages for Halloween plans and parties.

Atlanta Area Haunted Houses

Of course if you are not interested in driving around on Halloween, a nice walk with your kids around the neighborhood for trick or treat can be just as wonderful too! Whatever you and your family choose to do this October for Halloween, everyone at Digital Interiors hopes that you have a great Halloween!

Interested in home automation? Please give Digital Interiors a call at 770-844-5800 to learn more. Also, please ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page!

Why You Need Home Automation

calculate costs

There are a variety of uses for home automation, like those for security systems and home entertainment / home theater systems; however, one of the more important reasons to install home automation often gets overlooked by homeowners and businesses alike. This top reason, energy efficiency!

Saving Energy

So what exactly can home automation do to make your space more energy efficient? Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Thermostat Control – Program various zones of your home with specific temperatures for heating and cooling (by the time of day, season, etc.), all at the touch of your fingers with our home automation system controls, which can connect to your smartphone or iPad. This extra control allows for complete maximization of this energy efficiency tool.

  • Lighting Control – Are you or someone in your family forgetful when it comes to turning off lights around the house? If so, automated lighting control may be the perfect solution for you! However, even if you are not forgetful, being able to control brightness of your lights, set times for your lights to turn on or even have lights that turn off automatically when people leave a room, may still be something you’ll love to have.

  • Automated Shades – The ability to help control temperature and lighting is rolled into one with automated shades and blinds. It is possible with our technology today to have ‘smart’ shades that adjust (open/close) depending on the sunlight!

Saving $$$


The best part about these particular energy efficient pieces of home automation tech are that they will undoubtedly save you money in the long run! A more controlled home (as in temperature and other typical energy wasters) means that your monthly utility bills are bound to get lower!

Digital Interiors of Atlanta is the perfect home automation leader to guide you through the journey of adding useful tech like those mentioned above, to your space. Please call our office at 770-844-5800 or use the convenient “contact” feature on our website, to learn the advantages that home automation can bring to your life. We look forward to speaking with you!


2015 Atlanta Housing Summit

Atlanta’s very own Digital Interiors is proud to announce that we are hosting the upcoming 7th Annual Atlanta Housing Summit for 2015 on October 22nd from 3:30pm – 7:30pm.

Event Highlights

  • Digital Interiors Home Technology Class @ 3:30pm – Earn CEUs – AIA, NAHB, ASID, NARI.

  • AVI Windows Class @ 3:30pm – Earn CEUs – AIA, NAHB, ASID, NARI.

  • Afternoon Chat in the Garden with William H. Harrison of Harrison Design.

  • Silent Auction for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


We have selected the fantastic 5 Seasons Brewing Company to be our venue for this event. It is conveniently located at 285 and Roswell Road at The Prado 5600 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs, Ga.

RSVP by October 20th

Please RSVP to this the 2015 Atlanta Housing Summit by contacting Chuck Schlick at 770-844-5800 or by emailing him at


Other October Events

Digital Interiors would like to remind everyone of our upcoming CEU/LU luncheon class coming up on October 21st as well! Our ‘Designing to Disguise – The Art of Hiding Technology’ .1 credit class will be held in conjunction with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Georgia Chapter at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) in Buckhead, Georgia. This luncheon class is on the ASID 2015 calendar for October 21, 2015 from 11am-1pm, and will be held in the ADAC Conference Room.


Everyone at Digital Interiors is very much looking forward to both of these excellent events and we hope to see you there! Please see our flyers for more details or contact Chuck Schlick at 770-844-5800.

Concerts in Your Home


Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Ga. knows how important music can be to many homeowners, so why not enjoy your favorite tunes from anywhere in your home (without using those puny smartphone speakers)? This is possible with home automation technology, and not only is it possible, Digital Interiors can set up your home to sound like a concert hall from any room!

Whole Home Entertainment

Regardless of whether you prefer the smooth stylings of contemporary jazz, classical music or music of today, we Digital Interiors can make listening to your favorite music incredibly easy. We can help to create the perfect mood with flowing music, that is great when you are listening alone, with family or when you are entertaining in your home.

How do we do this? Our designers work with you to create an aesthetically pleasing plan for your home, then implement this design and install it. Do you want your technology (speakers, system, etc.) hidden? No problem! We excel at disguising our designs by hiding technology in spaces using some of the top names in home automation technology, like Crestron.

We have the capability of offering multi-room music systems, which means that people in various areas of your home can all listen to different music from your audio system, at the same exact time! Your children can listen to their current music in the rec room, while you listen to your jazz music in the kitchen and your spouse listen’s to talk radio in their office. With this type of easy to use system, everyone can be happy!

In-Ceiling Speakers

Part of our design disguise is to not always show the elements of our technology, allowing the decor of the space to grace the senses, instead of having ugly speakers ruining the aesthetic of the room. One way we can do this is by installing in-ceiling speakers along with your whole house audio system, which can connect your audio components (iPod, media server, etc.) to other speakers throughout your home. Other options may be to have wall mounted speakers up high or have speakers that are flush in the wall.

Ready to Experience Your Home’s New Sound?

Call us at 770-844-5800 or use the convenient ‘contact’ feature on our website to speak with one of our Digital Interiors professionals about using home automation to enhance your lifestyle.

Digital Interiors Services


If you are interested in home automation, but are unsure of what this really could mean for you and your family, please allow our experts at Digital Interiors offer some guidance! The goal of our process is to build a relationship from start to finish with you. Take a look at our home automation services below to learn more.

D.I. Services

The following services are not limited to commercial clients; we strive to provide the highest level of customer service to ALL of our clients, including those of private residences. Digital Interiors offers:

  • Consulting: We are available for consulting if you want a professional design for low voltage elements in your next project. We will design and document everything necessary to purchase and install a comprehensive system; we can even train installation companies for your project, and inspect that everything was installed to specification.

  • Design: Design is the critical first step in ensuring a successful project, and we spend this time understanding your needs and lifestyle. This leads into an interactive process of design and validation, until you are happy and we are sure the design is up to par as far as efficiency and function goes.

  • Installation: Installation begins with planning; we develop a project plan to ensure materials, manpower and tools all come together at the right time. Once the plan is made and approved by all involved, our Digital Interiors installation experts get to work.

  • System Integration: Making everything work together is the final step in the actual installation. In this phase all systems are checked out individually and then connected together. By the end of this phase all of your automated technology will be integrated seamlessly into your home or business.

  • Training: We provide comprehensive training to make sure you know how to control your system, with our top priority being ease of use and making sure you are comfortable with your new technology.

  • Support: Digital Interiors will work with the homeowners from start to completion to ensure satisfaction and quality service. By paying attention to the details in design, installation and scheduling, the job is done correctly the first time. The finished product looks good and we are on time to assure proper and thorough follow-up to the project completion. We even offer an after hours, on-call technician available at 404-590-0344.

Contact Digital Interiors to Get Started on Your Next Project!

If you have any questions about our services or concerns about home automation technology, please feel free to contact us by calling 770-844-5800 Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. We look forward to speaking with you! Also, please Like Us on Facebook!

History of Home Automation


Have you ever wondered where home automation began? While the actual answer to this question could fill a book (and it does fill the history books), Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Georgia, wants to help our customers understand the answer in a broad sense at least. It is always interesting to see how far people have come in terms of technology, as it is ever changing and moving forward (one reason why we love this industry).

The Beginnings of Automation

1898 - Nikola Tesla unveiled the first remote control; he used his wireless remote control to steer a miniature boat via radio waves.

1901 - Engine powered vacuum cleaner was created; six years later the electric powered vacuum was made. Over the next two decades huge strides would be made with domestic appliances, which included: refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, irons, ovens and toasters. However, only the wealthy could afford these luxury items in their homes.

1930’s - Ideas of home automation started to be discussed, but nothing was physically created/invented during this time.

Leaps in Technology

1966 - “Echo IV” was created by Jim Sutherland. It was the first known home automation system that would control temperature, turn appliances on and off and even make a shopping list! Unfortunately, this system was never actually sold commercially.

1969 - The Honeywell Kitchen Computer was created; this system would create recipes, though it had no commercial success because it was too expensive for most people.

1971 - The microcontroller/microprocessor was invented causing huge price reductions in technology (a good thing for the home automation industry).

1984 - The term “Smart Home” was officially coined by the American Association of House Builders.

1990’s - A focus on technology and gerontology called, “gerontechnology,” was focused on to help improve the lives of the elderly and less able. “Domotics” were also becoming more prevalent; this is where computers and robots are combined with domestic appliances. Unfortunately, the technology up to the end of the century was still very expensive and not accessible to the masses.

1998 - The INTEGER Millennium House (renamed The Smart Home after being refurbished in 2013) is a demonstration house in Watford, England that opened to the public in 1998 to showcase home automation at its finest. The ‘tech revolution’ began shortly after this in the beginning of the 2000’s, making technology cheaper, more efficient and more accessible.

Home Automation of Today & Tomorrow

Whereas home automation used to seem like something out of science fiction to many, or at least something only attainable for the upper class, today it is EVERYWHERE! Technology now allows us to control our homes with a tap of the finger to our smartphones or tablets.

Digital Interiors designs and installs integrated systems of home automation that allow audio, video, lighting, HVAC, security and other systems to work together seamlessly. We offer home theater rooms, lighting control, climate control, security system and surveillance cameras, home sports bar and whole home control! Our custom technology experiences are perfect for the home or office too!

While home automation technology is really taking off in the present day, we still have a long way to go. The good thing is, the possibilites for this technology are endless!

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