Summer 2015 Project Updates

Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Georgia always has a variety of great projects happening, but we wanted to give a quick update on some of the ones we have mentioned earlier in the summer.

Seventh Midtown7th

The Seventh Midtown is a 20-unit luxury condo project located in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood just off of 867 Peachtree Road (near Starbucks and the Vortex Bar & Grill). The fabulous residences in this lovely area will be priced starting around $700k. Digital Interiors was brought onto this project to work hand and hand with the construction and design teams to add some home automation flair to each residence, really upping the appeal of each space to the tech savvy and to everyone who would enjoy an enhanced way of living. Our experts design integrated systems that are easy to use and helpful for all homeowners. Check out the site progress pictures below:



Site Progress photos via Seventh Midtown website and webcam at


Site Progress photos via Seventh Midtown website and webcam at


Site Progress photos via Seventh Midtown website and webcam at



Site Progress photos via Seventh Midtown website and webcam at

One Museum Placelogo

The One Museum Place project has a refined collection of 44 stunning John Wieland residences planned for the Atlanta area, located directly across from the High Museum of Art. This project is in the very beginning stages of construction, but is coming along nicely. Digital Interiors only recently signed onto this project; we are currently in the planning and design phase until later stages of site construction are completed at the site. A current photo of the site can be found below:


Site Progress photo via One Museum Place website webcam at

2015 Atlanta Holiday Home

Digital Interiors has the privilege of working on the 2015 Atlanta Holiday Home that will be featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. We are really excited to be a part of this great project and look forward to sharing the final result with everyone! The home is currently under construction; view site photos below:


Digital Interiors

As always, our talented team at Digital Interiors is looking forward to each and every project we have signed on with summer (and future projects). If you have a personal or business project that your team would like to enhance with some incredible automation technology, please contact our friendly team members at Digital Interiors to schedule a meeting. We look forward to sharing our love of high quality, useful, useable technology with you!

Please call Digital Interiors at 770-844-5800 Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm; all other times are by appointment only.

One Museum Place


Photo via

Digital Interiors is very proud to announce the addition of another unique Atlanta project this summer! We have recently signed on to give our expertise in home automation to the stunning One Museum Place Atlanta Condominiums.

Our Digital Interiors team will be working with the builders and designers to install Control4 integration systems which will include: Audio control, Video control, Lighting control, Motorized blinds and shades, Cameras, Security and more!

One Museum Place

“One Museum Place is a refined collection of 44 residences with Atlanta’s premiere location, directly across from the High Museum of Art. Instead of constructing a glass tower, I reserved the property to build the kind of home where I would want to live. One Museum Place is destined to complement the masterworks of Renzo Piano and Richard Meier with an impeccable design for livability and luxury by the best and brightest team I could assemble. Life at One Museum Place will be unprecedented, and its enduring legacy will be an experience that only a select few Atlantans will ever know.” – John Wieland (via the One Museum Place website)

Digital Interiors

Our Digital Interiors team enjoys creating custom experiences with home automation for entertainment, convenience, security, comfort and communications all around the Southeast. Our system is designed specifically to enhance the lifestyles of those whose homes and businesses we install our systems, in an effort to make our clients comfortable with technology.

We look forward to beginning our project with One Museum Place and know that the future residents of these spectacular Atlanta condos will love our digital upgrades to their lifestyles!

It’s Back to School Time


Unbelievable as it is, it is that time again to get the kids up and out the door early in the morning to go back to school. No more sleeping in and waking up whenever they please! For some parents waking up to get their kids ready for school is no big deal, as they normally get up early to go to work. And for others it can be just as jolting for back-to-school time as it is for the kids!

Digital Interiors of Alpharetta, Georgia, has a home automation feature to help your family out during this new morning transition. As you may already know, home automation is designed to make your life easier, without unnecessary or difficult to use technology. At Digital Interiors we create custom home experiences to enhance your lifestyle by customizing presets for the technology controlled by your integrated home automation system.

For example, one of our custom experiences is called, “Good Morning.” This customer experience is perfect for your back-to-school transition. It works like this: 30 minutes prior to your alarm clock going off, your system will set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and turn more bathroom floor heater on. Then a few minutes before your alarm goes off, your lighting system will gradually fade up your bedroom lights, turn on your bathroom lights, and will even disarm the security system so you can let your pet go outside (if you have one). Think how pleasant waking up early to get your kids ready for school would be with these features.

Of course all of these custom experiences can be tweaked to fit your lifestyle, but the point is to help you in any of your daily transitions from waking up, to entertaining, to activating your security when you hear a “bump in the night.” If you would like to explore your options with our custom experiences, please contact us at Digital Interiors by calling 770-844-5800. We wish you and your family the best during this back to school transition!

**New to Georgia or unsure about when your local schools start back? Check out this list from WSBTV to see local start dates for area counties.**

Outdoor Entertaining with Home Automation

Home Automation For Your Pool

July may be winding down with many local schools going back into session as soon as next week, but the sizzling weather in Georgia is still screaming summertime! If you are planning to entertain friends or family a few more times outside this summer, let Digital Interiors explain the value of putting home automation into the mix.

Just like entertaining indoors, every event small or large, requires certain measures to be taken into consideration. Generally, they use include lighting, music, food and drink; however, outdoor entertaining may require added factors like fans, water features, etc.

Outdoor Speakers Home Automation

Outdoor speakers

So how can home automation help? Digital Interiors can install an outdoor integrated system that you can control by your smartphone or tablet. Imagine throwing a party and being able to set the timer on your grill to automatically turn on for you to already be preheated when it is time to cook. At the touch of your finger you can turn on music and mood lighting around your pool deck or patio, just as your first guests arrive, without having to excuse yourself to turn on these features on by hand. If your outdoor area has a ceiling fan, this can also be connected to be controlled by your smart phone. Even water features can be connected; for example, you may have a fountain in your pool that you would like to turn on when your guests arrive.

Basically, our home automation systems can be fully integrated into your life to help you focus on the people that are important to you and not on the menial details. Interested? Then please contact us at Digital Interiors by calling 770-844-5800. We look forward to speaking with you about designing an outdoor home automation plan that will upgrade your lifestyle, and enhance your outdoor entertaining!

Minding the Details

artworkAre you considering adding a Sport’s Bar or Home Theater Room to your home? Digital Interiors is just the company for you, as we can handle all of your design and installation needs! However, once the main part of your home project is over, you may still have a few furniture and decor details to tend to. Luckily for you, we can help with your decor too!

Digital Interiors Decor

We offer unique and affordable home theater decor to add some creativity and imagination to your home theater room, snack bar and/or sports bar. We also have our preferred selection of home theater seating, some of which are award winning designs.


Some of our theatrical decor includes: poster frames, concession stands, popcorn machines, pillows, throws, reel art, post and rope art, theatrical artwork, specialty bars and stools, laser cut wall decor, rugs and carpet, cinema end tables, novelties and more!

Each of these categories has a variety of options within themselves. For example, we have five subcategories in our theatrical artwork category. They are: Theatrical Metal Artwork, Star Posters, Classic Posters, Theatrical Paintings and Star Charcoals.

If you have a snack or lobby type area to go with your home theater room, you can mix and match some of our wonderful decor options to make your space feel like a real theater! Set up a our hardwood concession counter near you theater room with some classic movie posters; then just add some candy and a popcorn machine and voilà! You have created a fun, cinematic atmosphere!

Theater Seating

Seating is another important element of your home theater decor. At Digital Interiors we only support the top brands in luxury home theater seating, as you can see from the lines listed below:

  • Celebrated for their brilliant Design and Outstanding Comfort – Illustrious Loungers

    • Includes the Artisan, Mogul, Tycoon, Chairman and award-winning Connoisseur lounger lines.

  • Renowned for excellence in Form and Function – Aristocratic Loungers

    • Includes the Nobleman, Citizen, Socialite and Statesman lounger lines.

  • True classics among the rest – Authentic Cinema Rockers

  • For that extra something – Theatrical Ottomans


Please feel free to browse our Digital Interiors Decor selection online today. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance.

Digital Interiors is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, all other times by appointment only.

Phone: 770-844-5800

Fax: 770-844-5834

After Hours – Our On-Call Technician is available at 404-590-0344.

Designing to Disguise – CEU/LU Class

Recently, Digital Interiors has made plans to present a class called, “Designing to Disguise – The Art of Hiding Technology,” this October. We are very excited about this wonderful class and about being able to offer it as a CEU/LU Credit Class too!

What: CEU: Designing to Disguise – The Art of Hiding Technology (.1 credit) | ASID Georgia Chapter.

When: We are on the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2015 calendar for our event on October 21, 2015 from 11am-1pm (see flyer for more time details).

Where: This great class will be held at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) in Buckhead, Georgia.


ASID (the American Society of Interior Designers) is the oldest and largest professional organization for interior designers . Currently, The Georgia Chapter has 660 practitioner members, 225 Industry Partners, and 250 student members. Digital Interiors is very honored to be joined by ASID for our wonderful October event.


Conveniently located in the gorgeous Buckhead area, ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center), was originally built over 50 years ago by renowned architect and developer John Portman. Over the years it has become the national and regional resource for interior designers, architects, specifiers, and builders. In addition, signature industry presentations, networking, celebrity and media events, educational programs – like our Digital Interiors Class- has made it a must-see design destination.

Digital Interiors

Our team at Digital Interiors hopes that you mark your calendars for October and plan on attending this wonderful event. We firmly believe that our clients should be able to have the latest home automation technology without interfering with a stunning design. We know this is possible because we have found ways to integrate this tech seamlessly into spaces, that still allows for the beauty of the design to rule the space.

For more information about this event, please see our flyer or contact us at Digital Interiors.


What Makes a Home Theater?

Clients with Stewart Filmscreen

Many people claim to have a home theater room because they have a large television and some loud speakers, but this is not all there is to completing your home theater space. When these rooms are designed and installed by a professional company like Digital Interiors, a home theater is a total experience.

Home Theater Room Features

To get the ‘total experience’ from your home theater room, we have a few more suggestions other than a big screen and speakers:


While many may choose sofas and loveseats to fill their theater room space with seating, consider using proper theater room seating. We suggest using luxury loungers, such as those at Digital Interiors Decor, to give your body proper support for enjoying lengthy features. Theater seating also helps to keep your guest’s attention on the screen, keeping your theater experience going with less distractions and shifting around. Many of these theater seats have built in cup holders and lounging features for your convenience and viewing pleasure.


Home Theater Atlanta

Lighting is probably one of the more overlooked elements of home theater room design, because many simply turn the lights off when watching a film or TV. However, by integrating a lighting system, you can easily adjust lighting from a touch of your fingers! Plus, you can adjust the light according to the picture quality or perhaps where people may need to walk in and out. Wall lighting or ceiling lighting, along with colored lights, can add to your overall home theater experience.


Do you have a problem with noise in your current TV room? Projectors, receivers, Blu-ray players, HVAC system media servers, etc., can all make a lot of noise. That is why our Digital Interior professionals design your home theater so that noise-emitting products are in cabinets or in a separate room. Problem solved!


Sound. To many, the most defining feature of a home theater room aside from the TV or projection screen itself. However, no matter how good your speakers and amplifiers are, misdirection of the sound can deter you experience. Our professionals address all of the acoustic reflective, dispersive and absorptive properties of your room. This allows for your home theater room to give you the real theater experience (and not disturb others in other rooms of your home).

Digital Interiors Home Theater Rooms

Please contact us at Digital Interiors to further explore the possibilities of adding a high quality, properly designed home theater room to your home. Please give us a call at 770-844-5800 or contact us online. We look forward to giving you the home theater experience you have been dreaming of!

Home Theater Planning Atlanta

Hot Summer & Cool Homes

Summers in Atlanta as always hot and this year is no exception. The costs of utilities can easily sky rocket during the summer from using more air conditioning and even water. Digital Interiors has a solution to help cut your utility costs and keep your home cooled off this summer!

Shading Your Home from the Inside


Lutron Shading Solution Source: Lutron Electronics Public Facebook Page

At Digital Interiors we only suggest and offer the greatest home automation products to our customers. Lutron Electronics is one of these preferred brands, and may be the perfect solution to cutting energy costs and warm temperatures in your home this summer!

Lutron automated shades and blinds offer a cooling solution like no other, and all at the touch of a button! With the “summer cool” setting, the Lutron system will lower shades your shades automatically and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. These lovely shades are made from sustainable materials for extra environmental and energy savings. However, the best part is that everything is automatic. Your home can take care of itself in a sense, by knowing when to lower the shades on hot/sunny summer days!

Conserving Energy

Some other tips to help you save some energy costs this summer include:

  • Setting your thermostat a little higher to 75-78 degrees can help you save during the summertime.

  • Close the windows and blinds during the day, but open them up at night if your area has a respite from the heat at night (not always possible in the Southern U.S. due to high humidity).

  • Wash your clothes in cold water.

  • Take cool showers to beat the heat.

  • Unplug any unnecessary electronics and do not leave computers, televisions or other machines that produce heat on for extended amounts of time, especially if you are not using them (switch that computer to sleep mode if you’re going out for a few hours).

Digital Interiors

We at Digital Interiors hope some of these tips help you to save some money this summer and keep your home a little more cool. If you would like to learn more about installing Lutron shades into your home or if you have a question about any of our other offerings, please contact us at Digital Interiors today. Have a great summer!

Summer 2015 Project Spotlight

new project

Digital Interiors loves sharing our latest and greatest projects with everyone, and this summer is no exception! Recently, Digital Interiors signed on to a huge project with the Seventh Midtown – a luxury 20-unit condo project with ground-floor retail at 867 Peachtree Rd. These stunning condominium units are priced around $700K and offer our home technology company a perfect opportunity to show how our design and products can take these units up a notch in luxury and efficiency!

DiiATL Specs

On the Seventh Midtown project, Digital Interiors will be providing the following:

  • Control4 integration systems

  • Audio control

  • Video control

  • Lighting control

  • Motorized blinds and shades

  • Cameras

  • Security and more!

As with all of our home automation integrations, homeowners at the Seventh Midtown will be able to choose to have the ability to control their home system from their smartphones, as well from other devices.

new client

The Seventh Midtown

If elegance, convenience and luxury sound like your ideal home perhaps the Seventh Midtown is for you. Floorplans range from two to three bedroom units, or your choice of one of two exquisite Penthouse options. Seventh Midtown homes feature modern designer finishes and features by top designers specifically selected for these exclusive residences. Some of the well-known brands selected include: Waterworks, Pedini, Silestone, Wolf and Sub-zero. At Seventh Midtown homeowners are sure to enjoy a very private, chic lifestyle in the middle of one of Atlanta’s most luxurious hotspots.

Interested in owning a little piece of Atlanta? Consider purchasing a luxurious condo at the Seventh Midtown before they sell out! For more information, visit

***Digital Interiors is currently working on the model home now. Stayed tuned for more information about this wonderful project!***


Construction of Seventh Midtown Summer 2015

Home Automation Customer Relationships

Home Automation planningHome automation is one of the newest trends in smart homes and home building today, and it‘s likely to stay. Even though it’s a relatively new concept, it is possible to control everything from entertainment to home security with the touch of a finger.  It’s still important you feel confident your installation company has your wants, needs and best interest at heart.

Digital Interiors strives to build relationships with clients from the beginning of a project to the very end. Consider how it would go if you wanted home theater technology—video, audio, lighting, etc.—installed in your home.

Digital Interiors offers consulting and design services on the front end to ensure your home theater has everything you could want and more. From televisions to audio, to additional components like gaming systems, we take into account your lifestyle, your home, your personal preferences and many other elements to create the perfect system for you. Would you like your home entertainment theater to extend to the outdoors? We’ll find a way to make it happen.

Installation is considered in the planning phase to guarantee the home technology system comes together as quickly and with as little disruption to you as possible. Once you are satisfied with the plan and everything is ready to move forward, the installation begins. We are there every step of the way to ensure your installation is completed to exact specifications and that each component works together in digital harmony.

If needed, we offer comprehensive training to ensure easy control of your new smart home system. We are available for additional support after installation is complete, although our tried-and-tested planning certifies the installation will be right the first time.

Let Digital Interiors handle your in home technology needs—such as security systems, entertainment systems and home lighting—with professionalism and expert service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and be sure to visit our Facebook page for additional ideas and inspiration.