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Custom Experience: Goodnight

asleepLast week we talked about one of our most popular custom experiences, Coming Home. It's a fan favorite and we think you can guess why. This week we're going to tell you all about another great custom home automation experience. But this one doesn't welcome you home, this one helps tuck you in at night: the Goodnight. How many times have you and your spouse settled into bed at the end of a long and stressful night, and just when you've gotten your pillow to the exact shape you love, it hits you. You left the kitchen light on. You also left the living room light on. And you can see the TV remote smirking at you from across the room. Way. To. Go. Now you decide to strike up a rousing game of "Not It" with your spouse as you both make a case for why the other should be the one to get up. It happens to all of us, some more often than others, but with the Goodnight custom experience from Digital Interiors, you can kiss the "Not It" game goodbye! The Goodnight experience allows you to tuck your whole house in at the end of the night, with the touch of a button. Simply press the bedside goodnight button and relax into your comfy pillow while your system turns off the house lights, slowly dims the bedroom lights, arms the security system, and sets the thermostat to your desired sleep temperature. Plus you can also set the bedroom TV to shut off after 30 minutes so you don't have to worry about the credits of your favorite flick waking you up in the middle of the night. Talk about a great way to drift off into dream land! Never again will you have to muster the courage to hop out from under the covers and race through the house hitting light switches. Feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed each and every night while you're home tucks itself in. Contact Digital Interiors in Atlanta today to learn more about the Goodnight custom home experience, and prepare yourself for a beauty sleep boost! Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Custom Experience: Coming Home

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Digital Interiors is offering far more than just your everyday run-of-the-mill list of services. You can come to us for a number of individual around-the-home needs but our favorite and most sought after offerings are our custom house at nightexperiences. This is more than just installing a home security system, this is the full package. Since many people don't know about our custom experiences, we decided to take advantage of our fancy new blog to give a little more detail about each of them. Today, the 'Coming Home' experience. Picture this. You and the family are coming home from a wonderful weekend away. It's been what seems like the longest 3 days ever, the kids have been driving you nuts the whole ride back to Atlanta, and you have about fifty pounds of left-over pot luck food accompanying all of your luggage in the back of the car waiting to be unloaded. You are eager to get home but as soon as you pull in the driveway you remember the dreadful 'unpacking process' that awaits you. Then it happens. With a quick shift of your hand and a single push of a button your home welcomes you back. The front gate opens, the garage door opens, and your driveway lights turn on brightening the path up to your house. Your security system is disarmed so you don't have to worry about racing in the door to beat the alarm. Your thermostat also perks up setting your home to the perfect temperature AND as you walk in the back door you are greeted with the sweet tunes of your favorite artist. What a welcome. This is what we mean by custom experiences. The Coming Home experience allows you to program your entire home to give you the welcome you need and deserve, each and every time you pull in the driveway. What more could you ask for, right? Plenty more, but you'll just have to wait until we dive into another custom experience. Be sure to visit our offerings page for a run-down on what else you will get here at Digital Interiors. photo from flickr: Jeremy Levine Design

Design the Ultimate Home Theater

home theaterSo you've decided to turn one of your spare rooms into the ultimate home theater. You're sick of waiting in uncomfortably long lines to pay for over-priced tickets that will grant you access to a crowded theater with soda-covered floors and popcorn-ridden cup holders, before you find yourself seated next to Joe Shmo who can't seem to remember proper arm-rest etiquette. How are you supposed to enjoy a movie in an environment like that? It's exhausting! Instead you've decided to bring the theater to you and create the perfect movie-oasis that you can enjoy whenever you please, sans sticky floors and Joe Shmo. Now what? When it comes to designing your ultimate home theater there are a few important factors you need to keep in mind, outside of replicating the decor to look like the Batcave of course. We call them the 4 S's.
  1. Seats - What kind off seating do you want in your home theater? Comfort and style are obviously key but also keep in mind that the height and width of your seats will have an effect on how easily the sound is distributed throughout the room. Consider shorter chairs over taller ones and think about how many people you'd like to fit in your theater before picking your seating.
  2. Sound - The most amazing film in the world can quickly become a dud with the wrong sound. Choosing the best of the best in home theater speakers could make or break your movie experience. Bring your favorite film with you when you browse different brands so you get an idea of what it will sound like once an entire system is set up. Speakercraft speakers are a personal favorite of ours guaranteed to FILL your theater with ultimate movie theater sound.
  3. Space - You've got your speakers and seats picked out and now it's time to place them in the room. The general rule of thirds and fifths can be used to achieve optimal placement. Place the speakers one-third or one-fifth of the room's dimension away from the walls and be sure the screen can be seen from any seat in the room, at any angle. Also remember the different possibilities for projector placement like the ceiling, on the floor (between the front two chairs), or hidden in a cabinet or on a shelf in the back of the room.
  4. Shine - One of the most underrated aspects of a home theater is the lighting. Proper lighting can set the mood in your theater so you and your guests will easily get lost in any film.
Get these pieces right and enjoy endless theater experiences in the comfort of your own home!
Consider using Stewart Film Screens and Universal Remote Control in your home theater. And to ensure it's done right, let Digital Interiors handle the installation! image from flickr: gsloan

Operating Philosophies: What Digital Interiors Is All About

Digital Interiors has always taken pride in being more than your average home design company. We don't just install home security systems, we bring you peace of mind. We don't just install home theaters, we give you the ultimate entertainment experience. We do everything we can to ensure that you receive the exact customized home technology experience you are looking for, with optimal customer service, and a final product you can't wait to show off. In case you've never worked with us before, here is a little insight into how we operate. Service: It's what truly separates a company from it’s competition. A product is just a product, and may be offered by any number of our competitors, which is why we provide service that exceeds our competition’s. home theater by Digital Interiors Benchmark: Digital Interiors is the benchmark for new technology integration. We do our research, so you don't have to, making sure the technology we feature is useful, reliable, and easy to use. Industry Association: When you choose Digital Interiors you are also choosing some of the most recognized names in the industry. Whether they be companies, associations, other organizations or individuals each that are already well recognized in the industry, we proudly partner with the best of the best. Employee Involvement: We are firm believers in a team effort, therefore all of our employees are integral parts of the business. Whether it's through ownership or business operations, it's all about providing hard working employees with endless possibilities. Fiscally Responsible:  Especially in today's economy, we work our hardest to maximize profits and remain financially sound. That way we can provide long-term service to our faithful customers. Products:  Products are products, and while any of our competition can supply a number of the same high-end items we excel at engineering them into a working, cohesive, seamless system.  But don't forget, we also offer many fine product names that others cannot supply. So if you're looking for a the best of the best in Atlanta home integration systems, look no further than Digital Interiors. We love our company, we love our products, we love our customers, and we love leaving the home of completely satisfied customers.