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Kaleidescape Servers - Making Movie Obsession Stylish

3U Kaleidescape serverAs you know, Digital Interiors is extremely proud of the highly esteemed list of products we offer, from companies that feature top-of-the-line technologies for your home. We've spent the last few weeks highlighting some of our favorites and we're not done yet. Time to shine the light on the power and ease of Kaleidescape servers. You'd be hard pressed to find a home here in Atlanta that has only one television and it can be a royal pain keeping track of all of your media as you transition from one server to another. Especially if you have young children who love taking their favorite movies out of your home theater, so they can watch in their own rooms. Kaleidescape servers store digital copies of your favorite movies and music so you can stream whatever you want to ever server across the entire house.  No more searching for DVDs that has gotten stuck in the couch cushions or left at a relative's house. Choose what you want, where you want, and access it with ease. What more could you ask for? Kaleidescape knows how important it is to have all of your media needs at your finger tips and that's exactly what you get with their 1U or 3U servers. 1U servers have space for 1,350 DVDs or 225 Blue-Ray discs while the 3U servers can hold 5,400 DVDs or up to 900 Blu-Rays! So whether you are a moderate movie fan or a true film aficionado, there's no better choice than a Kaleidescape server! Call Digital Interiors today to learn how you can add this great feature to your home! image from

Shade Control: Beauty and the Benefit

kohlsdorf-final-38Regardless of whether your home has a more modern or classic style, there's one thing that almost every homeowner loves, lots of windows. Windows can be one of the most appealing features of a home, providing natural light, architectural detail, and beauty. What better way to boost the functionality of such a key piece of your home, than to add motorized or automated shades to your windows? More than just offering privacy and black-out options for home theaters, window shades help improve your home's energy efficiency. Believe it or not, adding blinds and shades to your home is a quick way to 'go green' in your every day living! Keeping windows covered during certain times of the day or year can significantly reduce energy costs. Blinds and shades help keep the heat inside your home during the chilly winter months and keep it from entering during steamy summer days. You can even cut back on summertime heat gain by up to 40%. Put that money saved toward improving your home decor or adding that new movie projector to the 'man cave'. Not only shades and blinds save on your energy bill but they also work to protect fabrics and artwork from damaging UV rays without preventing you from enjoying the outdoor views. And one of the most popular uses of automated shades is within home theaters. If you're completely in love with the idea of having your own personal theater, but don't want to limit what you can do with your space, adding automated blackout curtains can turn a heavily windowed room into the perfect home theater, without limiting the room's versatility. Atlanta's Digital Interiors offers a variety of shade controls from industry leaders like Lutron and Crestron and can program shade controls to adjust to time of day, season, and even your own personal schedule. Call today to learn more about our automated shade options and start 'living green' and loving your home even more than you already do.

Product Review: Crestron Control Panels

When it comes to finding state-of-the art products of which we can stand firmly behind, our friends at Crestron have given us more than enough to brag about. While Digital Interiors carries most Crestron products and have been installing them in homes in and around Atlanta for years, there is one that we find it hard not to shine a spotlight on. We have been using Crestron Touchscreen Control Panels for more than a decade and are quick to recommend them in any home.

Crestron touchscreen control panels give homeowners complete access to technology all over the house. From changing the volume on the sound system, setting the alarm, taking a peek at your security camera feed, or selecting a movie to play in your home theater, you can do it all. One of the greatest strengths of the Crestron control panels is the flexible touch screen display. Digital Interiors can tailor the display to fit the specific needs of any homeowner so even if you're not as "technically savvy" as you may like, you'll have no trouble getting the swing of things with your personalized touchscreen control. So if you're ready to take your home automation to the next level, with just a TOUCH of a button, let the Digital Interiors team give your home the "control" you're looking for with Crestron touchscreen control panels.

Lighting the Way: Lutron Lighting

With years of home design experience under our belts we can say, without a doubt, that lighting is an essential part of any home design. That is why Digital Interiors is proud to feature Lutron Lighting systems to anyone interested in adding the perfect amount of lighting integration to their home. lutron lightingLutron offers a wide variety of home automation services making it easy for homeowners to control every light in the house from a central location. Set timers so lights turn on and off while you're away, giving your home the appearance that it isn't temporarily vacant. Program the light outside the back door to turn on as you pull in the driveway, providing you a safer path inside. You can even change your lighting options online, without needing to be in your house! Now all of these options sound great, but such extensive programming must send your energy usage through the roof right? Wrong! Lutron offers dimming options with your state-of-the-art lighting, allowing you to not only use up to 10% less energy but also double the life of your bulbs. And, some of their systems take it a step further, using whole-house control to monitor and reduce energy consumption. So your HOUSE will keep lights on only when they are needed. And you thought your phone was 'smart'. The possibilities are endless and it's no wonder they were awarded a number of distinguished honors including the 2012 EC&M Product of the Year: Energi TriPak in the lighting controls category. Call Digital Interiors today and ask about the wide variety of Lutron lighting systems we offer. There's no better choice in Atlanta home automation. image from flickr: Kendyl Young